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Madden 16 Top 5 Running Backs Turn It Up To Beast Mode

by Dean James


It’s that time of year again where football is almost back and that also means we are getting closer to the release of Madden 16. Coming out in a little over a month, EA Sports is getting started early with the reveal of positions ratings by a few weeks. Yesterday, we told you about the top 10 rookies in the game and now its the running backs’ turn.

The top five players on this list are easily some of the best players in the league, with Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch sitting at the very top. His power running style has made many fans and he’s back with the Seahawks and ready to be Beast Mode all over again.

The number two RB is Adrian Peterson, whowas suspended for all but the first game last year, as a result of a police investigation of child abuse from disciplining his son. EA Sports however expects him to be back in top form this year by putting him just one point overall behind the top RB in the game.

The number three player, Jamaal Charles, has managed to wow fans of the Kansas City Chiefs for years, even when the team was terrible. Last year was a dropoff from the previous two, but he has the talent and hopefully can stay healthy, which is why he has such a high rating, not to mention having the highest speed of these five.

The big surprise of the list is the fact that the 2014 leading rusher, by nearly 500 yards only comes in at #4 in the overall ratings. Demarco Murray has changed teams to the Eagles now though, so EA Sports likely took into account just how good that Cowboys offensive line was.

Lastly, we have Steelers star Le’Veon Bell, who actually might be suspended for the first few games, pending an appeal. He is very young, but his performance last year is definitely deserving of such a high spot.

EA Sport’s ratings czar Donny Moore left EA Sports earlier this month, but EA Sports still provided details about why each got their reading, which you can see in the following pages.

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