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Madden 16 Top Middle Linebackers Are On The Prowl

by Dean James


EA Sports has been giving us the top rankings over the last week and have finished up with the offensive side, so that obviously means it is time to focus on the defensive side. Last year’s game had a major focus on that side of the ball, so they definitely will be a focus yet again.

The top player at the position in Madden 16 is one that is still quite young, but has made a major impact in only a few years with Panthers MLB Luke Kuechley. He is as dominant as it gets with superb Pursuit and Tackle stats.

Coming in at #2 in Madden 16 is a player that missed all of last season, but plans to return to form this season. Navarro Bowman is going to be needed by the 49ers and should help to turn around a defense that struggled at times last season.

The Seahawks have one of the most formidable defenses in the league and Bobby Wagner will play a major part in that defense in the upcoming season. Able to recognize players and tackle with the best of them, there is no question why he is near the top.

Clay Matthews made a switch for the Packers last year to the inside and showed he can play pretty much anywhere. With excellent Pursuit, he is one that offensive players have to watch out for at all times.

Lastly, we have Ravens MLB Daryl Smith, who is tied with Matthews at a 90 OVR, with excellent stats in many categories like Tackle and Pursuit to make him a great MLB. Just like with the offensive linemen, they revealed the next two behind in the Steelers’ Lawrence Timmons and the Browns’ Karlos Dansby, who also come in at a 90 OVR.

EA Sports as always also gave more detailed breakdowns of these five, which you can all see below.


Nobody runs opposing players down better than Kuechly, who brings 99 Pursuit and 98 Tackle. His coverage skills are top notch with 85 ZCV/70 MCV/72 CTH and 98 Play Recognition. 


After missing all of 2014, Bowman returns to a much different 49ers defense than the one he left. He brings 97 Tackle, 96 Pursuit, and 92 Block Shedding to the table as well as solid coverage with 88 Play Recognition and 82 ZCV/73 MCV.


Starting his fourth year, Wagner is one of the best in the league with 97 Tackle. He also excels with 96 Pursuit and 90 Play Recognition. He completes the package with 85 ZCV and 70 MCV.


The definition of a “high motor” player, Matthews transitioned from outside to inside and didn’t lose a step with 11 sacks. He’s still got it with 96 Pursuit, 90 Tackle, and 88 Play Recognition in addition to 75 ZCV/65 MCV.


The veteran linebacker showed up for the Ravens’ optional workouts and showed the rookies how it’s done. He has 92 Tackle, 92 Pursuit, and 95 Play Recognition along with 84 ZCV and 69 MCV.

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