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Madden NFL 15 Required Install Size Revealed

by Dean James


Madden NFL 15 is under a week away from release, but we’ve had a good bit of hands on with the game thus far. In our review that was released late last night, we told you about the opening portion of the game that served as a very unique install technique, letting you play through a fictional NFC Championship Game between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks while the game installed to the hard drive, rather than staring at the typical lame loading screen. However, we did not mention the install size for the game and I thought that would be some great information to give out so you can begin preparing how much space you will need on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Madden NFL 15 requires a minimum of 16 GB to install the game to the HDD, with updates bringing that up to a little higher. When I first fired up the game, it took up around 16 GB and installed in pretty much no time on the PlayStation 4. I can’t say the install speed would be quite as fast on the Xbox One, but the ability to play the aforementioned part of the game in the meantime was a major help. According to the PlayStation Store, the digital version of the game specifically will be 16.6 GB as well.

Regardless, Madden NFL 15 requires a decent amount of space on your HDD, but nowhere near the level of something like Wolfenstein: The New Order that required around 50 GB of install space. Make sure to stay tuned to our continuing coverage of Madden NFL 15 in the coming weeks and look for the game to release next Tuesday, August 29.

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