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Majority Of Bungie Now Working Hard On Destiny 2

by Damian Seeto


Bungie has released lots of expansion packs for the vanilla version of Destiny with one more to follow. The majority of the team has moved on to make Destiny 2 now.

Activision Blizzard held its financial earnings call earlier this week and CEO Eric Hirshberg shared more about the future of the Destiny franchise. This includes the upcoming DLC as well as the sequel.

He said the biggest challenge for the franchise right now is keeping up with demand for new content. There are millions of Destiny owners out there and a lot of them like to see new levels and locations constantly.

Thankfully, there will be new content for the original game as Rise of Iron will be out this September. Pre-orders for the Rise of Iron expansion pack are higher than that of The Taken King. This shows how dedicated the fan base is as they have managed to stay engaged with the game for nearly two years now.

Even though Rise of Iron is going to be out very soon, Hirshberg mentioned that the majority of Bungie are now working full time on Destiny 2. He confirmed yet again that the game will be out in 2017. He also added that it’s going to be awesome.

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