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Many People Having Trouble Connecting To Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Online Servers

| March 1, 2015

Many People Having Trouble Connecting To Dragon Ball Xenoverse's Online Servers News  Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bandai Namco

Ever since Dragon Ball Xenoverse came out for the public, the online servers have been giving owners of the game many headaches.

Several people have commented on Twitter that Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s online servers are either down or not working. Sometimes when people connect to the server, they say it’s full already. It appears this has been affecting every platform the game has been released on.

Even when Bandai Namco announced of Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s release on Steam on Facebook, most of the comments made about the post were about the game’s shoddy servers. One person mentioned that they cannot play the game online for more than 5 minutes before getting booted out for some reason.

Bandai Namco has now responded to the issue and said:

“Dear Dragon Ball Xenoverse players,

You may be facing some issues to log on to Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers but be assured that we are taking care of this situation to fix it as soon as possible.

As of today and mainly on Playstation 4, you may face:
– Denied connection to the server
– Denied connection to single or multiplayer lobbies
– Unintentional log out after entering lobbies

In order to confirm the issues and solve them, we are working on:
– Tweaking servers configuration to adapt requirement of each platforms
– Keep on raising the log on limit for servers
– Changing settings of server database to improve stability.

When these changes will be applied to the servers, they may cause unintentional log out during gameplay or “server maintenance” status.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences caused and thank you for your patience. We will post regularly updates about our efforts.”

It’s disappointing so many recent games have come out with many bugs and issues. Even Dead or Alive 5 Last Round had technical issues when it came out earlier this year too.

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  • SN-Destroyer,Vxz

    Thank God i thought i was the only person having that problem

    • D

      Don’t feel bad I thought I was the only one also.

    • Michael Morrison

      My season pass on xb1 isn’t installing. Is it the server?

      • Josh Owens

        Same here

      • chris

        My season pass on ps4 isnt working

      • Jake

        Same here

      • FEFOSS4

        me too,
        i’m using PS4 and i can’t download the season pass, i thought i was the only one
        every time i try to download it, it says “You purchased this product”
        but, nothing happens ???

        • Dj Spiderr

          the only way it works form my was going to the play station store “ON MY COMPUTER NOT FROM PS4” and then download from there it would say the software would download into your machine

      • Rocco Edwards

        That’s what mine keep doing its keeps saying manage

      • Benjie Cabaltica Abella

        Mine to

    • Raita Sharskin

      I even get kicked off the offline version this is bs

  • Hdasgy


    • Tez

      That’s what I’m saying this is bs

      • coats

        It’s because they didn’t do a open beta to test the server capacity. The’re more players then they probably anticipated. So it’s causing a lot of overloads to the servers.

        • Philip Elthorpe

          They did a ‘network test’, but it was so short, and so few people got in on the beta that the intended soak test didn’t happen.

          • Thanks

            Also America is a lot larger than Japan and DBZ was the first Japanese Anime America received, so a lot more people probably love it. So as soon as the game released in NA kids and adults familiar with DBZ jumped on the bandwagon.

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            LLLIIEESSSS!!!!!! burn in hell!!!!! Go kick rocks!!!!!!!!! 1961 – Tezuka founded the Osamu Tezuka Production Animation
            Department, which eventually became Mushi Productions. 1962 – Manga Calendar was the very first anime to be aired on television. 1963 – Tezuka’s Astro Boy premiered on NBC stations. Dragon nuts is far from the first

          • dasdasd

            the first real good anime astro boy is retarded

          • Hahaa i joke.

            the best will forever be pokemon

          • Twalock

            Heh. It’s so good that I wanna be the very best.

          • littletoki

            Astro boy!

          • Derek Jeffries

            Dragon ball z to correct your retardation “Dragon nutz” was the first good anime in the usa. Note that you look like a total douche getting on a dbz fan site and bashing dbz go Fuck your own mother you white trash piece of donkey shit.

          • Lennyx Salvaterra

            dragon nutz yourself and your the one being retarded

          • Edge4life

            Lol, you got some anger issues or something?
            Your comment value dropped to zero the time you started outbursting.
            And why do you have to be such a douchebag and call it “Dragon nuts”? the only nut around here is you.
            Acting like a windbag just because you visited some anime expo..
            It doesn’t mather if you are right or wrong, from the moment you started acting like a asshole you already messed up the discussion.
            Instead, treat others with some respect.

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            HAHahahha. You should go read the other comments ppl post if you think I’m an asshole.The best part is the fanboys can’t even read right. The original comment was DBZ was not in fact the first anime to come to the USA then they try to say it was the first big one and again no it is not.Like all fanboys give then facts they don’t like then the nerd rage kicks in. To answer another comment that was made about that.

            FUNimation who is now buying rights to DBZ, may not be the only but is the biggest CO that has help anime make it in the US. Their own representatives at that Expo have said it was not Dragon ball Z but ghost in the shell that open the door’s for anime in the USA.So be a good fanboy and cry and rage but hearing that at THE not a Anime expo are all the facts I need.

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            The first anime to hit big America and I MEAN BIGGGGGG was Ghost in the shell. You good sir need to go see the Anime Expo in L.A.

          • Q-Dizzle

            bro calm down the guy got his facts wrong doesn’t mean he should burn in hell? also fuck the anime expo you fucking weabo got out and get a girlfriend

          • Dok FiSH

            Fuckin’ weebs man.

          • Lennyx Salvaterra


          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            Wrong,Gundam was sorry GITS is Good but it’s way to new to be saying it did something first. Gundam was something i remembered to be a big deal in the US when i was a kid,even Robotech, and Voltron are in the same boat tons of years before your fairly new anime arrived.

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            You need to do some research.Try for fact’s not what you feel is right.Go pull up sales and so on.Gundam was good but it was not the big push that got us what why have to day.I was at a Q&A for the Anime expo in 2010 and that was one of the things brought up.

          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            Well i don’t care about numbers it was popular when i was a kid so i don’t need to do any research. I was merely stating it wasn’t first and there was plenty of popular anime before that came. So don’t be telling what i need to do thanks. :D

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            So in other words you don’t care about fact’s and any further discussion with you would hold no point on the grounds of where this is going .Thank you.

          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            Don’t be a jerk. The fact is those anime were in the US before GITS and popular enough to have the interest of 8 year old children. That is what i said in the beginning. Im not wrong so what is your deal?

          • Michael ManbearPig Maldonado

            opinion vs fact that’s mine deal. I’m that asshole who kicks ppl dreams and shows facts not what feels good.

          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            Like i said before FACT=shows i mentioned arrived in the US way before GITS, in dubbed version at that. The rest was opinion but everyone has those. Im done, have a nice day.

          • Ron

            Uhhh no it wasn’t lol… Astro Boy and Speed Racer were japanese animes and they came to the western world in the 60s.

          • Revan Ambrosii

            I jumped on the bandwagon but I got kicked off because it needed maintenance.

          • Jell Jell

            DBZ was not the first anime from Japan to come to America. The first to be very popular, most likely yes.

          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            Nope check in the 70’s and 80’s.

          • Akatsuki Ousawa

            ummm no it wasn’t,sunrise been on tv in the 70’s kid. Gundam,Robotech,transformers was an anime first, Ronin warriors,Voltron, i can keep going. DBZ wasn’t even close to being the first anime in the us from Japan.

          • DragonBallZ the first anime america received? Lol what the fuck are you talking about?

        • Konoha the Wiper

          It was an open beta

        • TheDiscuss

          Well at this point, it’s inexcusable. This kinda thing has been an issue for a lot of games and gaming companies , that they should have developed a way to test for this kind of stuff by now. There’s no excuse. Like don’t get me wrong, best 50+ bucks I’ve spent this year cuz the game is friggin’ amazing, I just wish they had fixed this before it came out rather than now that it’s already been released.

          • Brandon Skyscraper Mason

            Yeah, I love spending $60 preordering a game just to find out I can’t enjoy it for like a week…

        • Dakota Kelley

          Um just how many people did they expect would play the game? This problem shouldn’t even exist right now and wouldn’t if they had the right amount of confidence that a lot of people would want to play it in the first place

        • GogetaSS8

          the intended meaning was first MAINSTREAM anime to hit the USA. they are many that were popular, but non(other than pokemon) that become mainstream to all audiences both adult and child. astro was first, but still in a niche group. pokemon was good, but only directed at young audiences

      • The Dragon God

        As a game developer myself and a friend to a few employees in Bandai Namco, I must shred some light. First off Hdasgy, you obviously do not know enough about games. Yes, Beta Testers test the game but you are being native and immature to think that beta testing solves every little problem, there will always be potential problems in a game before and after release. Technology is not a divine object, there’s always gonna be issues. You need to grow up and accept that fact of life. ALL servers need constant maintenance to perform. DBXV has server issues perhaps due to server traffic and that the connections are international. Players have various wifi signal strengths. It’s not entirely anyone flaunt, that’s just life. Also the 27 hour Network Test ( That I also participated in ), was to test the servers, to see how well they can handle traffic and stability, they learned what they could from that test and have been trying to apply that knowledge to the game. Be thankful the servers are not so bad that the game crashes entirely and the servers are shutdown. Start thinking positive.

    • Z H

      This isint a bug, it’s a server capacity issue. The game itself has hardly any bugs. BTW no such thing as a bug free release.

      • Blaze Gunn

        for newer releases yeah it’s because its been acceptable to patch games later on with online updates so devs can be lazy or fix shit later

    • Madman


    • sword905fish

      Its fine on 360 for my cousin but for xbox one I can’t find a match for battle or parallel and the lobby don’t even phase anything I say or do

  • Dannyw

    So we get sold a game that we can’t actually play? Makes sense!

    • Gamer

      -_- really, that’s your complaint.

      • Justyn LaManna

        This is the best dbz game I’ve played so that comment isn’t just at all

        • Zephroth

          It actualy is just. They should have their shit together and provide servers that can handle this type of traffic. I’m a Director of IT and this is rediculouse.

          • Always right

            Likely for a shit company :P

          • killercommentm8

            Director of IT and can’t even spell ridiculous? Nice.

          • datniggadumb

            Then make us a dbz game or stfu and stop trying to get ideas like this shelved over a few bugs asshole. Its a fun game with some issuesissues.

          • reaperslament


          • Accipiter

            Always like it when people use the tired excuse of, “make your own game.” There are serious connection issues with the game that need to be addressed, no one is trying to “shelve” ideas. Without voicing our opinions, nothing would get resolved and no one would be able to play the game.

          • ANNON

            when people say that my response is “no, becauae i know I can’t do it, so I wouldn’t try and come out with a half ass product, instead I do stuff I KNOW I can get done.” if more people thought like that, there would be less issues in the gaming world.

          • Accipiter

            At this point in the gaming industry, companies should go ahead and make the purchase for double the servers they think they should get. Then scale back when they calculate how many people are actually playing. But companies see that as wasting money.

          • simpleas

            I wish they would hire you lol… Seriously i wrote them a nasty email.
            — and WHY DAFCUK is it logging me out of Xbox Live.. WTF

          • Kurrin

            Same problem.

          • PoonWrangler

            If you are a director of IT, you should be capable of spelling “ridiculous” correctly

          • simpleas

            i just noticed that rofl.

          • Shitzoo

            @ pooh wrangler, Get over it already you fucktard

          • joe shmo

            correction he only tell the real it’s what they are supposed to do by looking at his clip board. xD

          • Nappa

            Dude a lot of devs can’t forsee how successful a game will be so it’s not really unexpected to have some kinks the first few weeks of launch.

          • MegaShitter

            It’s funny that a Director of IT can’t spell ridiculous

      • Virus6

        I can’t play it 90% of the time either. I’d say it’s a valid complaint. I get a constantly ‘connecting’ status and then it says it couldn’t connect and repeats it ad naseum until I close the app on the ps4.

    • Micheal Moore

      I’ve had no problems playing it online myself. The people I’ve seen on Steam said they could still play it in offline mode without any problems.

      I’ve got 20 hours in and I didn’t play on Saturday.

      • Asmodias

        Offline is not the problem, just cancel the connection for this game throu ur firewall (outgoing)

      • ANNON

        Offline is fine, but don’t boast about it being an online game if it barely connects or randomly disconnects

  • GravenWolf

    Pretty sure it’s not bugs. I think it’s just lack of servers or too many players, however you choose to see it. They’ll beef up the servers and all will be well, It’ll just take time. Until then, single lobby seems to be more reliable and just start online missions at the robot desk.

    • Krescentwolf

      Heh… single player lobby isnt safe either… Im constantly getting signed out of xenoverse servers even there.

      • Niko

        Not me, i can always finish my online missions.

        • Corey Bailey

          I can finish my online matches but 9 times out of 10 I get DC’ed after its over and have to reconnect to the servers

          • rasvegas2075

            hey at least you’ve had online matches, I haven’t had any matches online or offline and I’ve been trying for the last couple of days.

      • Slepnair

        I can’t even GET to the single player lobby.I’ve been trying for over 10 minutes. Honestly, we should be able to play Single player without network. This is BS.

        • Riukkuyo

          Yeah same. I sat waiting for 20 minutes and I still was at the connecting servers.

          • Syck

            Turn off your network connection. You can play offline

          • littletoki

            Wrong !, I have no connection already and still not working

        • Sylent

          you can play offline single player O.o

          • Satori

            You can but you need to Deactivate the systems Internet function. Its a pain to do so the reactivate later on.

        • xenoverse


          • drake

            Fuck this these servers. They should have known how many dbz players out there have been waiting for a game like this. Its amazing and i just want to play it. Fix yo shit bandai adap.

        • CoonNFriends208

          Try signing off xbox live and playing offline like the good old days if you need your dbz fix badly

          • Nevfx

            This, this works. If you just wanna play the story or do some offline parralle quests you can just disconnect your system from the internet and the game will go into offline mode.

          • WishI’dBoughtAPS4Now

            I don’t know about you guys, but I’m playing this game on the Xbox One, which does not seem to allow me to access my games or my save files without being signed into Xbox Live. So disconnecting the internet to play the game doesn’t work…

          • joe shmo

            i beleive its an actual setting. its called offline mode. i remember because my internet was down and it wouldnt let me play any of my games on my xbox and i turned off my internet connection on my xbox one and it did nothing but i found that setting and then all my games became playable. also i download all my games and that is why they dont work unless you do what i just said.

          • joe shmo

            honestly i dont know why some people cant play single player, i have not been able to get into multi lobby but i have had no issues in single lobby. this is interesting haha

        • Azlureon

          It’s not that hard to get into the single player lobby. When I face the problem of a long connection head to settings uncheck the connect to internet and bam it auto sends me to the single lobby. And since Ps4 you don’t have to turn off the game to connect/disconnect to the internet it really only takes seconds.

          • Nevfx

            This. Works perfectly and lets you play.

        • Asmodias

          Just cancel the outgoing transfer at ur firewall for this game, then u can play offline.

      • Virus6

        I try to enter single lobby and it won’t connect to the server. I don’t understand why it needs to connect for the single player game >_>

    • rasvegas2075

      how I’ve tried everything and I haven’t had a battle since training mode after I created my character

      • Ahmed

        Same here! Downloaded the game today, haven’t done anything yet. Everything is, “unavailable”.

    • Deruku Uindo

      Even o a single player lobby I get told the xenoverse servers aren’t available and I can’t even play by myself.

  • senior-gamer

    if you owned a company, would you hire 1.5 million beta testers? No one would. There is no way to Stress test servers the way they need to be before the games are released. And when they do release an open beta to stress test (where we find the problems to fix) We all call them “problems with the game” and we blacklist it on the internet and no one will buy it.

    • Sylent

      not entirely true…

    • Mike Mifsud

      That’s why you release an open beta. Then you allow people to test your game, you get the feedback you need on server loads and bugs, and you don’t have to hire ANY testers. The developers seem to miss the fact that there’s literally MILLIONS of people who will play a beta just to try out a new game.

    • Tony Wayne Dupre

      You are an idiot with obviously no experience with servers or routers. There are plenty of ways to stress test the servers. There are built in stress test commands in the ui (user interface). The bottom line is that this game zhould never have been released especially for as much as it costs when it is so flawed. Also for those who insist that turning off the internet is an option. It is not for those of us who have the digital version.

      • L the Master Otaku

        As an owner of an IT company, I can tell you this is completely inaccurate. You can stress test routers and simulate numerous connections and data, but you can’t stress test database servers in real life instances where they have millions of players with character data such as—stat attributes, zeny, items, equipment, skills and so on. You can’t stress test syncing all this data on the fly in the channels where characters appear in all instances and party handling. A decent open beta would have, not any bash commands. I’m telling you from 12 years experience with not only linux, but all forms of network situations, whether it’s streaming http content, or running mmorpg servers. Maybe in some instances, like basic stress testing(mysql, mssql, postgres), how many connections a network card or server can handle before crapping out, or how many connections a server can mitigate in a stable way, can your scenario work, but not in the scenario where real world conditions occur such as real data is needed to make those connections even work inside the software.

        • Tony Wayne Dupre

          Open beta solves this. Stressing the server in normal beta solves this. And by telling how many connections the server could hold they should have already planned for the massive stress. Maby mmos have launched without having any problems with server stress. This is not a new concept and anyone with a computer and basic internet access can tell you these things. This could have been planed for and prevented.

          • L the Master Otaku

            Dude. Blizzard’s Diablo III had issues at launch and they had a beta, same with Bungie’s Destiny, and Elder Scrolls Online, and tens, if not hundreds of titles. I don’t know what your issue is. I think you’re confused or having a stroke.

          • Tony Wayne Dupre

            Those were small glitches or bugs that affected a few people for a short time. Not the majority of the players. Destiny was also one of the biggest let downs ever to hit a game system. And 8 said open beta not beta. Every major game has a beta. Most dont have an open beta.

          • L the Master Otaku

            Diablo III literally was unplayable for the first 24-48 hours. I know, because I was one of the first to get it. Small glitches or bugs is a playable game, with minor intermittent issues. Xenoverse has been playable from the start, especially in offline mode. You have complete access to the content. The online servers are having load issues, which is different from completely being unable to play the game. It sucks, and I’m just as upset over the issues as anyone else, but the fact is these problems happen quite frequently across different games and if you can’t see that, either you don’t play many games or you’ve got issues. I haven’t encountered a game that WASN’T buggy in the first week of launch or had a patch for “some people experiencing issues” for 5 years or more, and I have over 240 games on Steam.

            I was against normal beta, or open beta solving load issues for a complete product released to the masses. Open beta is guessing, so is normal beta, but you said “normal beta solves this”, which is completely false. A normal(closed beta) can only highlight big issues in dialogs(text), or broken quests, issues with certain graphics cards maybe, but nothing to the extent that you said.

          • Tony Wayne Dupre

            Its been well over a week and offline mode is not available in the digital version. Iv tried for hours to log in. Im not sahing this is the only game ever to have bugs. Im saying it could have been avoided.

          • L the Master Otaku

            World war II could have been avoided, but it still happened. Many issues happen regardless of the opinion that “it could be avoided.” We live in a time where even though we expect something from software, we never get it. Your argument fell flat from the start. As for your particular issue, I don’t know, I purchase my stuff on Steam. You can disconnect your internet, which will force it into offline mode—then, when the client goes in offline mode turn the internet back on. Optionally you can also block the port in windows firewall I think, which someone else mentioned. It’s not like your client is unusable, you just didn’t try everything by the sounds of it.

          • Tony Wayne Dupre

            I play on playstation not windows and yes i tried everything. Playstation requires that the liscense be verified which is yet another bug to add to the list. This aint my first rodeo. bringing a war into this is just desparation and ignorance. By the way you just casually throw it out there ill guess you never saw what wars cause. How about we keep politics and government out of this. The software was not properly tested plain and simple.

  • senior-gamer

    ladies and gentleman….The Internet

  • Corey Bailey

    That or when you try to connect on the stream version and it can’t it tells you, you press OK, then it keeps trying and you can’t back out, forcing you too close the game completely with task manager just to try again. But really guys I’m not fussed, it’s a great game, just keep thinking on when they finally fix the servers it’s going to be the best game ever. Just remember it is a newly released game and a very popular one, servers aren’t ready for all of us.

  • Dyan Burrell

    I purchased this game for my son on ps3. He spends ages trying to get on or is booted after short periods of play. He’s been waiting for this game for ages you need to get it sorted!!!

  • jerry

    Idk why people are complaining play single player and lvl your guys up… I kept getting booted off the server but if you take your console offline you won’t get booted just won’t be able to play online with people. And yeah they do have beta testers but you can’t get all the bugs out new ones will show up especially with an online game

    • Jaz

      Thank you Jerry! I don’t want to play with people anyway and was incredibly annoyed I couldn’t even get into the “offline” server. Turning off internet for my PS4 did the trick. I got into the game immediately. :)

    • Tommyjunior

      Fix the servers i wanna play online!

    • Namcogames

      Hello please wait until we update the game k thx.

    • Nevfx

      Amen to that. This is a chance to get our avatars leveled up… to knock the life out of each other when there back!

    • xEarthbornBeast

      I bought a digital copy so turning off the internet isnt a option for me. Thanks for trying to help ut it only works with those who own a disc.

      • Crimson

        I have digital and I can still play with turning off my internet….

  • KR-Joker

    Yeah I’ve been trying to get some 3 player going with friends since launch and it will only every allow two of us to get in a room, this third man out always gets a disconnected error, not sure why it’s so specific like that, if it’s limiting connections from the same IP since one is myself and my brother on his own PS4.

    I can join online 3 player lobbies with randos, but as soon was we try to set one up amongst ourselves; nope.

    Hope this gets straightened out pretty soon, it would be fun to try a 3 person game with friends.

    • Isaac

      So you and your brother are on the same Ip?

  • Lawlly

    Can we get actual chat boxes, these preset phrases are something you see from a mobile game.

  • William Colton

    I can’t even play it will stay at the loading screen sometimes say Connecticut to server WTF

  • Assassin MD

    I am having an issue where I completed Hercules training yet the achievement won’t unlock, am I the only one having this issue?

  • SsjKauri2004

    Can’t even get into the single player lobby this morning. Keeps trying to connect to the server and boots me back out. Great game tho, I have already logged several hours and this is the best Dragon Ball game in a long time.

  • Gee, a game having problems at launch? Who would’ve thought!
    *Cough* MCC Drvieclub AC Unity *Cough* Man, that was some cough.

  • Robert Kopecki

    I am jesus

  • dbz

    So what do I do, servers still don’t work ?

  • NrN

    BLARGH, It’s damn near impossible to solo any of the missions beyond the Cell saga, when the NPCs come in wave after wave of super sayian 2s, that immediately decimate your NPCs within 20 seconds… I’ve been doing “Let the games begin” for two days, and no matter how close I get to winning, I end up losing before cell when SSJ2 Goku, SSJ2 Gohan and Piccolo come out… even if I have 4 health items and full health when that battle starts….


    • Thats what I thought too, but if you level grind the quests you’ll stand a much better chance.sure it sounds lame but what other choice do you have until the servers start working properly

      • NrN

        Im nearly level 40, was like level 29 when I got to them. Even with my toon having SSJ2, I literally get my ass kamehameha’d to death as soon as Goku shows up :

        • Dylan Satterfield

          if you think thats bad lol wait until you get to bardock saga where you have to fight off 15 frieza soldiers while protecting bardocks dumbass THEN frieza come sout and 1 hits bardock while all friezas soldiers are still ki blasting your ass. managed to beat it after an hour.

        • Grayson

          I know what you mean about being Kamehameha’d to death. I was brutally murdered on the last stage of a quest by Adult Gohan, Goku and Goten at the same time.

        • DBZ Love

          I completely beat the story at lvl 37 now I’m at bardock and broly. lvl 70 still can’t save bardock…

        • Damn, I dont recall having that much trouble. I’m an earthling tho so the experience might be different. well if itsthe servers are still not working for you I suggest just hitting level cap for now lol Its level 80. No way you should have trouble at that level

  • Torva Lepus

    First you make Europe wait longer than anyone else to get the game and say “It’s to make sure you all get the best experience possible.” Then when it does release it does not work. Stop releasing games on old and new gen platforms when your servers cant handle it. We are sick of this crap. Idiots!

  • MyNameJeff

    i was afraid of this when i first started i was in all day but my friends began the game before me so i thought the next time i play i may not get in ,sadly i was right

  • Joe K

    what the heck, anyone able to get on? I got on but after a minute it kicked me out again….f’ing sim city 4 all over again, this is why the “cloud” is stupid

  • Volath

    Yeah I just joined for a few seconds but then it kicked me out

  • Tempest Ryuno

    Can’t even connect to single player

  • johnjacobjingle

    You can still play offline battles without trouble to earn xp and dragon balls. Don’t let server disconnects disrupt your experience.

  • Volath

    How? It won’t even let me

  • EpicEric

    i cant even join the game. the game always wants to connect to any server and is loading and loading and loading….. CANT enter the game(i want to play offline but the game forces me to connect)

  • speedcore

    if u play on ps4 go to setting – network – and disable ur internet connection then u will be able to play offline at least

  • EpicEric

    nah im playing on pc

  • hulaxmashx69

    omg my server been down for 2days this is day 3 wtf

  • Riukkuyo

    Yeah I can’t get into the single lobby at all. So I guess the wait game begins.

  • Leon

    i cant even fight trunks to start the game and everything is offline -_- why whats wrong with this game

  • Eliot James

    You people can still play, just logout of PSN or Xbox Live or just disconnect your internet connection and viola, game works as intended.

  • Shane

    Connecting to the XENOVERSE server…

  • Darkdoom

    Main game should have at least allowed people to play story mode or offline fight mood with out server requirements. Everything else would have been extra. The the sad thing about all these new games that are coming out they are forcing users to use more of the server rather than the disk pushing servers a lot harder than they have to work and making 60 plus dollar disk that are worthless when servers don’t work.

    • Satori

      I sure agree with your statement !! WHY do we need to connect to the server in Offline Mode !! This is ridiculus !!

  • Dan

    I literally have to pull the lan cable from my ps4 if I want to play the game. I can’t even play by myself while connected to the internet.

  • Josh Luke

    It seems like every multiplayer game over the last 3-5 years has this same problem on launch week…Do the companies underestimate sales and server traffic every time? Is it a matter of not overspending in case the game does not sell as forecasted? I really would like to know.

    Either way i’m glad BN is being vocal about this.

  • annon

    What is the point of offering offline play if the god damn thing won’t give you the option to choose offline from the get go. I could give 2 shits about online, but when it won’t even load, it’s kinda hard to make that choice! D bags.

  • Boab Killen

    I’ve not been able to log in for hours. Only started playing it properly today and now I can’t even get on.

  • Golden Gibbox

    I have to close the application after every mission, there is no excuse for this, fix the fucking problem already

  • FettiBoy SmokedUp

    This really needs to be fixed FAST !!!

  • DBZ fan1983

    I pre-ordered and didn’t get my pre-order items

  • Exceed

    The game is amazing!…except for the servers.My guess is you guys didn’t predict that many people were going to buy this game,get addicted to it and all of the stores are almost sold out! Please,fix the servers,Im looking forward to seeing random people

  • maza

    If you aign out of psn you can play single llayer just fine until servers are fixed

  • Ronald Bamber

    Honestly this is the best dbz game and I just want them to fix the serves so I can enjoy one of the best animes of all time!

  • TonyaB

    Still cannot play on Xbox One, the game quits completly.

  • jbanos86

    I bought the digital copy this past thursday, it’s been friday, saturday and now sunday, and I cannot play it.. i wish I knew beforehand ..

  • Woop

    With the woulda had servers that could handle the amount of ppl trying to play this game really wanted to restart today but can’t even play anyone know anything about the servers on xbox one?

  • Mike Lawrence

    What a joke, I can go OFFLINE in steam and play the game. But can’t when steam is connected.

  • corey

    Huge DBZ fan here but got to be honest the makers of the game should have known they would need a massive server due to its popularity and all I have bad to say about this game is 1. For its first try out its limited on customizing but who knows the doc packs might bring more also 2. no Hellzone Grenade from Piccolo what and 3. Should have been able to transform into other forms with Frieza race an up to ss4 with saiyan warriors other than that I think they gave fans a dbz game they have wanted for awhile now an things can only get better

  • Carmelita Dajanera Romano Jone

    Okay i had the same problem. .here is what i did i signed out and when in offline mode them once in the world i signed back into psn…i haven’t got kicked out yet :3

    • DBXVgod2000

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! now I can also play dbxv!!!

  • Miguel Soto

    everytime I try to connect to the server it keeps saying the server is down

  • Ken

    But where’s my gold suit @ ss4 vegeta

    • simpleas

      ps4 or x1

    • Nevfx

      How did you get the game? Did it say when you ordered it it came with it?

  • Banksy3691

    I’ve had the “Connecting to the XENOVERSE server…” for about 6 hours! FML

  • reaperslament

    All you have to do is wait most companies don’t really expect that big of a response from the community. It’s also a new game so everyone is trying to play it at once so its just proving to much for the server so just chill. I’m pretty sure that you guys have other games or watch Netflix

  • Demon Eyes Kyo

    If you just wanna play alone in the single player lobby then disconnect from the internet, it’s that simple

  • Portcitykid343

    If you want to want to play the game and your still having trouble connecting to the servers, just simply disconnect for the internet and you will have access to single player.

  • Spencer

    I wish it would stop trying to connect to the servers and just send me to an offline mode.

    • Nevfx

      Disconect your system from the internet. When ypou start the game it will say only Offline Mode is available and you will be able to play it offine.

  • RavenD805

    I just bought the game last night and I can’t even play it because I can’t connect to this is Xenoverse server…so now what? When will this issue be fixed?

    • Nevfx

      You can play single player by disconnecting your system from the internet.

  • simpleas

    fyi, just got my arse whooped by freiza under gohans training, couldnt land one punch rofl

  • bruh

    I paid $60 for this and its not even working. Fml

  • jermaine hicks

    Ughhhhhhh eager to play online

  • Harlem_Youngin98

    On the ps4 the game completely crashea. I geg the ce-34878-0 error code

  • sadfsdf

    Servers are not working and they wont let you play single player, what the hell, what is the point in making a game that relys on the internet to be playable? that’s the dumbest thing ever… btw, for the 2 hours i got to play yesterday its a pretty sweet game so i hope things start up again soon, im getting impatient! :P

    • Nevfx

      If you disconnect your console from the internet the game will go into Offline Mode and you will be able to play it.

      It seems if you are signed into PS Network or XBOX Live the game constantly tries to go into Online Mode.

  • Brian

    Wish i could play single player.

  • Rhythm Method

    I can’t even play single player right now. So gay… PS says there’s a error and the only suggestion is to update the game, it’s already up to date. And if you go to the Official site it doesn’t anything… They need some fuckin forums dudes.

  • Elise

    how long will take to fix ?

    • Nevfx

      Well, the post indicates that when we will start experiencing this issues when the fixes/improvements are being applied, so I believe the fact it’s been off all day suggests, as we speak, it is being fixed.

  • Harlem_Youngin98

    Is that possibly an issue cuz I get the ce-34878-0 message offline and online

    • Nevfx

      Is that the downloadable version? I did a google search and people experienced this same error code with there digital versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

      XV players hget this when they make a certain wish.

      A post on the pkaystation forums identifies this as the application itself crashing. Is the game fully installed before you load it up?

    • Nevfx

      This may help:

      Try deleting and re-downloading XenoVerse, or deleting the install data and have it install it again.

  • Harlem_Youngin98

    The game is keeps crashing and kicking me out entirely. I can’t play it

  • Tobster

    Anyone having remotely similar issues, but for the PC?

    • Nevfx

      I dont have the PC version but I’m not suprised. It is affecting all versions of the game, they just pointed out the issues were mainly – mainly, but not only – on the PS4 version.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Still having this issue, is very frustrating. Is there an option to stop it from trying to connect automatically? I just rather play offline but i cant find the option

    • Azlureon

      It’s not that hard to get into the single player lobby. When I face the problem of a long connection head to settings uncheck the connect to internet and bam it auto sends me to the single lobby. And since Ps4 you don’t have to turn off the game to connect/disconnect to the internet it really only takes seconds.

    • Nevfx

      Disconnect your system from the internet, the game will go into Offline Mode after attempting to connect. Youn can choose your character and go straight into playing.

  • ABE

    Nappa: Vegeta how many players are on the xenoverse server?
    Vegeta: Its Over 9000!!!! players

  • MajinBae

    The game its self is spectacular. No bugs or glitches.
    Drop rates for items can be irritating but it’s no more harmful than playing Monster Hunter and grinding for materials.
    Namco Bandai is currently working on a solution to the known issue of online connectivity. Remember when Grand Theft Auto V came out? They had the same problem. Give it a week or two and the problem will be resolved. They are human beings, not wizards.
    Stop complaining just to complain. Put y’all’s grown up pants on and be patient.

  • Rockie Yarborough

    When I first started playing a few days ago everything was completely awesome, I had no complaint in the world about this amazingly crafted dbz game that is until the connecting to XENOVERSE server became a real issue. I mean this issue is like fighting The God of destruction lord Beerus and Whis, this thing is unbeatable. I have not been able to actually log in an play for about an hour here and I’m seriously po’d because its like a huge tease here. You let me play for 24 hours non stop and then completely banish me from the Xenoverse, Lol. Any way I’m a die hard DBZ fan have been since the early 90’s so i am definitely going to stick this issue out and hope for the best. . Until then hit me up @Rahmeals on ps4 to do some online parallel battles when the servers are finally up

  • seth

    What about the season pass, i bought itbut it won’t let me download it

    • Nevfx

      What console do you have? On PS4 it is added to your service list, it doesnt download anything.

      This is different on PS4/PS3 as the season pass comes with a theme that downloads as you buy it

  • fih113

    Still better severs then NBA2k

  • T.Biz

    Is it me or is anyone else still very disappointed with their futile effort to bringing DBZ to next gen systems? A serious lack of creativity for pushing the boundaries. If they would be willing to give me at least 2 hours of their time, I would cover so much ground about creative expansion. Many fans that I’ve spoken to (new and hard core), are still not impressed with their latest efforts and I’m afraid that it will kill any buzz that DBZ was beginning to regenerate. Anywhoo, they do have some good things, but the missing key components are far too obvious and it’s overshadowing the good. That is all… for now. #asUwere

    • Adam Hoff

      I’d have to disagree, though I did like Budakai better in terms of fighting mechanics, the story a spin off it may be but think about it this way. Trunks asked Shinron to bring him powerful ally/allies. Maybe I’m just trying to be creative in thinking that he brought a Sayian(s) right before their planet was destroyed “through space and time”. Extended to all the other races Freeza probably destroyed. It’s Shinron can’t he do anything he wishes? I mean he has to take a one year nap after doing it. That’s why all the dragonball sagas where good. What would you wish for and why would you need more then one. I hope this stretches into Dragonball and DragonballGT. Hopefully it will generate a new series or be defined as it’s own saga. It turned into a Time paradox and we all know we love those. We also all know we wanted more information as to what happened to Trunks when he returned to the future.

  • SlapAFoo

    @ complaining about a games multiplayer service not working its just like when gta v came out every body and they mama was trying to get on just give it time and go out side you pathetic virgins

  • dbzxenoverse11

    at least we have an actual reply. lets see if they hold up to their word. i am hoping they add a server list with regional servers. this worldwide server BS is obviously not working.

  • Asha

    Im still having issues with getting disconnected after finishing missions. I also have other concerns with this game. I wish there were easier ways to find my psn friends and add them to my favorites. I have a friend who lives in Canada that would like to join me. The only way he can do that is in a mission. AND there is no way to add him to my favorites. It would be nice if it was an open world to where we could find our friends, voice chat in lobby, be able to pick which server (lobby) someone can join on, AND be able to favorite/add our Psn friends into gameplay! Love the game itself but still would rather play Destiny because it has that awesome gane set up!

  • Lord beerus

    I can’t even play:(

  • Chickie

    Okay so you spend 60$ on the game a lone then 50-100$ on PSN then an extra 25$ for add ons that aren’t out…after spending all that money you can’t play the game!!!!! They brush YA off with oh sorry for our F up but you customers will have to suffer while do what should have been done before we took your money…gets no compensation

  • animeowl

    this be some bullshit what kind of game i buy wont even let me play single player

  • musicmann98

    Anyone else get a message saying they lost the rights to the dlc? I can’t use ssj4 vegeta or any of my preorder armor

    • Lord beerus

      same problem two I don’t know what two do:/

  • Lord beerus

    One other problem I have been having is that the digital version of the game came with two copies one with dlc and one without. On top of that I can’t play the dlc version.

  • Adam Hoff

    Wouldn’t a solution to this be when you click on game start add another selection that pops up asking you if want to play offline or online? The fact that you can’t even log on because it’s trying to connect to a server when trying to play offline doesn’t make much since. I know it’s a MMO game, but what’s the point of a single lobby if I can’t even access it? Is there a reason why this game can’t be played offline? No such thing as a solo game anymore I suppose. You have to log online to tell it to go into offline mode. What was the point of adding the Online parallel quest and Online battle selection if I have to connect to the server anyway. Why wasn’t the connection to server made to load there when you select it? I love the game. Only dislike the invincible enemies till you do enough damage and the connection issues. Other then that looking forward to the new content and fixes.

  • scalywag

    I just don’t understand why all these companies bring these games out without fully testing the game in complete first. Its really shitty that we can’t enjoy a full game without patches and bug fixes……STOP FORCE PUSHING GAMES AND FINISH THEM BEFORE YOU RELEASE THEM

    • Nevfx

      Its not a bug per se, the serves are just overloaded, its not a problem with the game itself.

  • ghaleonjs

    I thought it was just me . Or my Xbox 1


    Server issues are even booting me from SINGLE player mode

  • Josh Hatfield

    I’m shocked how many people are defending this. I get that nothing is perfect, but they should have been prepared. I can’t even play offline without getting kicked.

    • Nevfx

      If you disconnect your system from the internet the game will go into complete Offline Mode and you wont be able to be kicked from anything.

  • ek

    i’m gonna get rid of this game ! this game sucks

  • gjfaoiadln

    when i bought the game i was just stuck in the time arena and couldnt access anything in terms of stores or quests is that what everyone else has been experiencing? Appreciate and response

  • Adam Lee Flaskamp

    Having issues on the xbox one having issues connecting past three hours and still nothing.

  • Madman

    I cant log in single lobby since this afternoon !

  • Ledgic

    This is bullshit, this server issue plus other issues with this game makes this almost worth an imediate trade back in for a different game, plus this game just like many past DBZ games have no replay value to them, plus the game isnt open world like it really should be BANDAI NAMCO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM FOR YOUR IN RISK OF LOSING FANS/CUSTOMERS SERIOUSLY!

  • Guest

    I think server works fine. if people cheat engine or hack to mod the attributes point or lv’s you wont be able to play online mode.

  • Don B.

    I smell some free doc in the future

    • Don B.

      DLC^…Damn auto correct

  • anonymouse

    If you guys are using cheat engine, don’t bother to play online mode.

  • CrookG

    My solution is disconnect you internet via network, then reconnect when you in game, if you dont want any issues just disconnect and play to your hearts content, however the leaderbords wont update, thats about it

  • t

    keep crashing on steam cell saga i hope you find something to fix it soon i am almost losing hope

  • Justin Flores

    This is very similar to what happened with GTA Online. The servers are getting slammed with activity and so it’s overloading the cache causing all of the problems. I guess this game is doing better than they expected it to! Which is good, now let’s just see how quick they are to fix it. Took quite awhile to fix a lot of the bugs GTA Online had.

  • wolfyy

    I mostly pay single player so I just disconnected from the internet and launched, no connection = no problem

  • cesar

    Give us our money back we all know that gamestop wont

  • Krispywangs

    What’s bs is I’m always told Japan has better technology then America. How do they have such a shitty server then? People in Costa Rica can play destiny without an error longer then I can play this game. Almost every Japanese made game has a shitty server. I just don’t get it. Step it up if you want to make games and sell it to me full retail. Most annoying thing is even if I choose offline lobby I still get kicked every time I finish a quest. If your going to have a game based on being online, be 100% positive your server can handle it before selling. If not your just plain robeing people.

  • Luke

    Am I the only one who can’t even play the story just says everything is not available yet

  • SimplyBelieveInAnime

    I have full offline playability when I start the game while turning my Xboxs online off but I can’t even play offline when my internets on lol

  • Kiro-san

    same here

  • JOsh

    I have day one edition and downloaded the DLC, but i have the two battle suits and not ss4 vegeta, what do i do?

    • Konoha the Wiper

      You do have ss4 vegeta, he’s on the very end

    • Nevfx

      Just keep pressing right on the character select screen.

  • Tomasz Jańczak

    I got same issue on PC

  • Gavin

    I’m not happy with the server issues, but this is expected of an mmorpg. These types of games have these bugs. Besides, most people are still able to do parallel questing online, so it’s not like you can’t at least level up. Give this company a break, at least they just made the game almost every dbz fan has been itching to be created. Quit complaining and get used to it. North American users are much more higher on the player lists. Meaning that America took the servers by storm. So if anything, lets blame ourselves for overlapping the servers and causing a shutdown haha.

  • itaz22

    It kicks me out and tells me i need to be signed in when i am signed it wtf??

  • Randel Cordero

    I downloaded the season pass and it shows that I haven’t what’s goingoncwith that ???

  • Shy mclovin

    The servers are still down. I bought this game three days ago and never played online!! This is really frustrating.

  • joe shmo

    i wouldnt say mainly on playstation because no one on xbox can even connect to a multi lobby. you have to go into a single lobby and search for a quest or battle to be matched up. the xenoverse servers have not worked since launch night. i am not the only one me an four other friends of mine bought it and none of us can do multi lobby. the few people we have found through single lobby online searches have all had the same issue. this issue is bad even on xbox.

  • RaiiN

    The connection problems seem to be random. I haven’t been able to connect to the multi lobby, but me and my friends have been able to do everything else perfectly fine. No issues with online patrol quests, or online battles.

  • terrie

    Any updated info ?. My autistic boy is so upset he cant play his game

    • Nevfx

      Not yet by the looks of it.

      He can play offline on his own, if he wants to just go through the story. Disconnect the console from the Internet and the game goes into Offline Mode.

  • Kennedy Lasky

    really want to play with friends only reason I got the game was for the online

  • William Burch

    once they get the servers and logins fixed maybe they can do something about chat so we can type our own words not a pop up bubble.

  • alex

    Well unless they are working on it. I hope they make more dlc and raids to play with more people like the anime itself can be super cool and raise the health of the bosses and difficult so we can fight them with more gamer and why not a league too and a better chat to speak with the league mates. Just like dcuo. This game has the potential to destroy dcuo please bandai namco I don’t even care if you decide to implement some replay for certain stuff and for work better with the server.

  • LittleToki

    What about Offline quests , my game won’t allow me that!

  • TheRealRonBurgundy

    I am so over PSN…the PS4 is a great machine but the network support is nothing short of pathetic…I pre-ordered DragonBall Xenoverse and have had problems with their server(and yea I know this is their server not PSN) but its just one thing after the other…I don’t remeber having this many problems in the past…they better get their shit together or I hate to say it I will be trading in for an X-box One! And as always stay classy America!

    • TheRealRonBurgundy

      This relates to the fact that PSN has been down serveral times a month for the last 6 months or so…not to mention not giving users what they want that could be added in their patches and updates…PSN just feels lazy to me these days and customer spend enought money on consoles, games, DLC etc…to be taken care of!

    • Isaac

      Xbox one is having the same issues, same game same company servers.

  • travis

    They should at least have an offline tower instead of waiting to see if the game loves you and let’s you in.

  • Butthurt

    Just as a heads-up, I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who has been collecting the Dragon Balls or anyone who has them and is waiting to make a wish, DON’T. Hold on to them for now until the servers are fixed, because you will lose the DB’s and your wish. I had just gotten all 7 and took them to Shenron’s little altar thing when the servers crapped out. Got back on, no Dragon Balls, no wish, nothing. Do yourself a favor and just wait.

  • Isaac

    For all the people that say you can’t play offline, without a server connection, yes you can.

  • Brandon Skyscraper Mason

    Fix it now please. It’s been like 4 days of this…

  • Jason

    I want my money back for buying this game on PSN! I can’t even play the damn thing:)
    Server is always down. This sucks:(

  • Goachen

    Server still down? I can’t even play the damn game now. Bullshit.

  • cesar

    I lost everything…it said my file was corrupt….is there anyway to get ahold of dbzxv devs or anything?

  • Me

    My favorite part is single player not working

  • Justice7

    Dont bag on DoA because DragonBall was fuckin shit

  • KashGallardo Bmb

    So is the problem fix

  • Zerochi

    I was disconnected from the server in the middle of making a wish to Shenron. Needless to say my Dragon Balls were wasted and I never got a chance to make a wish.

  • aadams

    Wat about the dlc and season pass i cant get my content i paid for its really annoying when will ot be up to download n be playable,

  • Jedi Ricco

    Mate it’s F…ing atrotious I mean I bought the game pre-ordered it and this is what I get for my patronage to namcobandai I mean a few issues are expected but I can’t log into the online lobby at all and I’m even getting booted from the so called offline lobby it makes no sence it’s like they dramatically under prepared for the potential volume of players they had projected
    Something better bed one quick and I mean ASAP to resolve this issue or they run the risk of ruining the the greatest experiences namcobandai have brought to players
    Come the F..k On

  • Shaun Walden

    Servers are effing GARBAGE! And at times i can barely play offline. Dont abuse DBZs name to save a few bucks bc it seems they didnt hire testers

  • Shaun Walden

    Other than the servers the game is awesome. One suggestion more gear and maybe a supreme kai that takes super moves, two or three and combines them for an ultra move.

  • shane

    It really shoddy servers cant even play for 5mins and get kick off game, need sorting rather sharpish really.

    If not think they should let the season pass b free for players inconvenience

  • Christopher J Harrison

    This is a shame. We pay 60+ dollars for games and an extra 20+ dollars for season passes just to be provided with crap servers. And all they do is give out promises. I maxed out my character on xenoverse and had to create a whole new save because it wouldn’t recognize my old one.

  • Zues

    Wouldn’t increasing the “log on limit” just create more potential errors?

  • Bushido lifestyle

    Best DBZ game of all time

  • Bushido lifestyle

    The game has no bugs , it’s just the servers need tweeks, this is the greatest fighting game I’ve ever played , loads of hours of fun

  • Solid___Jake

    Glad it is being handled. Have been disconnected 4 times in the last hour… I’m on PS3

  • LokiEml

    we need compensation for this BS

  • Panda

    I blame this must always be online crap they are pulling. Offline single player should not require me being online. Stuff like this gives a limit on how long the game can be played. What happens years from now if I want to play the game but they have went under or turned off the servers? I can still put in my NES games and play them. They need to understand that not all gamer’s live in areas with internet access or want to play online. This is just another middle finger thrown up to the consumers.

    • panda

      Added Note: I have been able to get one match on single player. Then kicked off. The waiting 5 minutes to get back on to single. One match kicked off. I used to be able to handle the long load screens back in the day because all games had them. But this is getting to be a little much.

  • Savage699

    Can u please fix the frame rate drop for PS3 or at least tweak it alil if u can’t get rid of it ent

  • Kami

    i lost my character coz of the problems of the server….

  • Shane

    Seriously, spend over 70 on a game and cant even play it…..”disappointing”

  • Kami

    my character was at lvl 89 and the server bugz and next i have no character anymore

  • Kami


  • Kami


  • N7Kai

    Just be patient people, usually MMO based games have server issues upon release.

    Online is not required so if you are constantly having issues just play while signed out and stick to the offline mode.

  • Azura

    How do we get noteified that the problems are infact fixed?

  • Tyree

    this game is unplayable. i disconnect 100% of the time after 20 minutes of loading into the servers. i want my money back.

    • N7Kai

      You can still play the game in offline mode, chill the hell out and quit being a dick

  • sean

    What’s the fucking point of getting the game if I can’t even play it. This the problem with games nowadays. Everything’s got to be online yet they Don’t have the capability to back it up. Just let me play the game and let the online thing be an option. Way to steal off destiny bandai Namco

    • N7Kai

      Did you not see my previous comments? lol You can play the game fully in offline mode. You do not have to be online to fully play the game.

  • Damien Norton

    Mine just tells me no room that matched your condition s was found

  • Jeremy Laliberte

    and you cant play any of the game unless your online WTF

  • Rambo

    Ok what about the xbox servers are they going to fix them to?

  • Guest

    I just bought the seasonpss on xbox one. as the server isnt working properly, I think it hasn’t installed yet. Can anyone help?

  • matt

    They better get there shit together. I am huge bdz fan and was waiting for this game for a while. How can you make a game and have shit servers.

  • Disappointed

    Fix the servers already ..this is fucking rediculous. ..I can’t believe that they did not anticipate Tha game to be played by thousands of people…you are talking about the U.S not some island with a few hundred. WTF!!! Can’t even play single player campaign kicks me right out..fucking crap!!

  • Kev79

    This is unacceptable. It seems like ever game now a days, preventing gamers from enjoying the game they purchased. If I am unable to play my game, due to constant problems on the developer’s side, allow us to be given a full refund for the broken item you have sold us.

  • RedRebellion101

    Everyone is complaining, it’s as though they’ve forgotten that EVERY GAME WITH A HEAVY ONLINE EMPHASIS FACES ISSUES WITH IT’S SERVERS AFTER LAUNCH.


    How come evertime I tr to playoffline the NPC says “we’re closed”

  • Robert Tukiri

    on xbox one every time i host a quest . when me and a frind completes a mission we get kicked off and dnt get anything out of it

  • kmoney16

    May game loading screen is taking over 10 minutes in campaign and basically anything else to do in single play. The screen even darkens when its loading is anyone else having this problem

  • Justin Savage

    Mine keeps Saiyan it is downloading data and won’t let me play online or Time Nest.
    It’s very frustrating because i bought the game online for ps4
    I even reinstalled it and it doesn’t work.

  • Jell Jell

    This is the reason why it was frown upon when xbox first decided that every game has to use online connection for the Xbox1 and the fact that I have to turn off my internet to my xbox just to play solo is something I should not have to do. I get that online play will have some issue on launch date but it should never be an issue to play solo with or without connection to the internet.

  • ston3y86

    This is pretty annoying I’ve had the game since day one and I’ve been able to go online for maybe an hour in total time since buying the game and not its saying i need to get an update before i can even use the online features isnt the update just supposed to happen once you put the game in none of this makes sense and its very annoying if anyone has any answers as to whats going on with that is there an update that i don’t know of or for some reason havnt gotten it

  • Mr.destroyer 21

    is it just me or is everybody that got dragonballz xenoverse for Xbox one not saving because I was in the cell saga I had to go somewhere I turned off my Xbox and it did not save when I turned on my Xbox again and very often it freezes at the title screen can someone tell me how to fix it if you had that problem and if its not just me or not

  • kyle

    It is now telling me that I must apply update content but I haven’t received an update wtf.

  • jordan

    Now it says it needs an update but doesnt actually give one

  • Recruitie

    I wouldn’t mind the DC’s after every parallel mission if it didn’t log me out and take 2-5m to connect to the servers again… They should just make it possible for you to play without being on the certain server that has all the other players like it is when the xenoverse server is “down.” Then I could actually play the game.

  • sayajin

    Ps3 season pass not working for me either

  • Angus Buckingham

    when I log in to the game I get a message saying “You cannot use features that use xbox live or the XENVERSE server right now. you must apply content update to use these features” if theres a way to force an update I dont know how does anyone else get this or know how to fix it so I can atleast do online PQ’s again

  • mercy

    It said I need a content update but I cant even find it lol anybody know what’s going on

  • Cesar

    It wont let me play local battle… anybody know why?

  • Rocco Edwards

    I can’t even log in and it won’t let me down load my season pass either

  • Aj Reillo

    I bought it for the PS3 and it says I purchased it but I don’t have anything new and I just put in a separate code for ss4 vegita and some other things and it worked. Anyone know why this is happening?

  • fade

    I keep getting kicked after every mission on Xbox one sucks

  • KiH

    it connects to the server but then the multi lobby refuses to be joined saying “the dragonball xenoverse is not available please try again later” so left it alone for EIGHT hours, and still got the same issue

  • ToastyzBakery

    My game won’t let me do time patrol quests. It says “downloading data…
    You cannot progress in game until this download is finished” but there is no download

  • Donovan Ng

    I can’t even access the Dragomball Xenoverse on Xbox marketplace for the 360. Can’t even download the compatibility pack. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Lazerus

    At first it wouldn’t allow me to play multi-lobby but that was it’s not letting me play on the story mode to recover the timeline with trunks. It says it’s downloading data and I can’t progress in the game until it’s finished. It’s been like this for a few hours

  • Casper Graulund

    Anyone know when we’ll be able to play? Or have I just spend a lot of money on nothing? :(
    (I play on a ps3)

  • Lemuel Johnson

    My game works fine but all of a sudden i get back to play and everytime i try and play online the count freeses up and i get kicked from the game this is on Xbox 360

    • lengendary samuelsike

      Me to Lemuel, u posted this a month ago so is it still happening to u, my started happening on about April 17 and it’s still happening to me and today is April 26

      • Lemuel Johnson

        Yes it’s still happening I tried to get online last week and I still have -30bp even after the update and cannot play online if this doesn’t get fixed I’m gonna see about getting refunded for the game and the dlc no I wasn’t hacking or Modding or anything it just randomly happened after a ranked fight

        • lengendary samuelsike

          Tell me about it, Imbit I think they might fix it later on

          • lengendary samuelsike

            Add me on Xbox 360, my name is legendsofsamuel

          • lengendary samuelsike

            Try adding me again, I just cleared room

          • Lemuel Johnson

            Yeah I hope so it’s been a long time since I’ve played it only cause of this reason

  • Lasss

    Im somehow having a downloading data screen when i try and get in to do story mode but i got no way to know if its finished or not and i cant progress anymore on my ps4

  • Tybomb

    Well i have had the game for a while, and i can log into the multi hub world with no problems. But whenever i try to fight online or do a parrellel quest online, the game constantly says there are no servers avaible, but right next to my charecter i see people dissapearing out of nowhere meaning they have connected some place, so i dont see what is wrong. Btw i have this for xbox 1.

  • Btraininnj

    I can’t get past the trunks thing. I walk around in circles and it says everything is down. Wtf? I paid 80 for this bs and I have only fought trunks. I have psn and internet. And yet this is all I can do. 7 days and counting

  • Besnik R

    The data from my friend have been deleted, his created character is no longer stored on his ps3, what to do now or what is the problem?
    His Charakter was lvl 80 & a sayjan

  • Troy Goins

    I have this problem and I cannot favorite people or join teams

  • Brandon

    This is bullcrap…. I spent $65 on a game I expect to be able to play it. I can’t play online, offline, multiplayer, nothing. Absolutely NOTHING! One word for Bandai REIMBURSEMENT!

  • Taco

    Dammit, I just want to play online PQs.

  • Alynne

    Mine won’t even load past the main screen. Anyone know why??

  • lengendary samuelsike

    Everytime I wanna do a pvp pq on dbz xv online d time always freezes, I can connect to d servers and join d lobby but when the timer start counting down it stop and freezes and I can leave d lobby and it’s not my connect because when play other online games it works ok, CAN SOMEONE help me, pvp is one of d best modes in dbz xv and its wht I mostly play

    • Lemuel Johnson

      I had contacted bandi namco Us awhile ago and they said they can’t fix it out here and sent my profile over to the servers in Japan but I’ve yet to hear from then in awhile so I’m just gonna see if they will refund me for the game and the dlc if it isn’t gonna get fixed.

      • lengendary samuelsike

        Why ur problem with the game servers

  • Muhamad Arif Salleh Hudin

    My problem is when I waiting to connect to the server after press start game, it always said “Can’t connect to the server” and it said “Server is mantaince or Server down”. I always open it and it always said the same thing. I am using PC. I need to connect to Steam?

  • Rusty

    I can’t play online at all I’ve had the game for 4 days still can’t play it on PS3 waste of time buying it

  • Touchierchart 5

    For some reason my saved data keeps getting corrupted the first time I had beat the game, had 2 maxed out characters and so much more now I’m starting at square one for the 3rd time if anyone knows y plz help

  • Donovan Olson

    When is this problem going to be fixed?

  • Kirito Kirigaya

    Mine says my profile dosent have online access

  • Kobe

    Why haven’t they fix it yet

  • Lince Ibérico

    i miss the days where a simple connection inside the game could connect you to multiplayer server and you could play with anyone who appear online.

  • aloner

    Me Too i cant log in to xenoverse server. (crazy rage) but it will be fix

  • Goten Hernandez

    Well i bought the game and season Pass today 9/12/15 and can’t go online use the pass just walk around doing nothing so disappointed please fix I want to play it

  • shivam

    what about pc players? it shows server under maintenance, please try again later. But never actually works. I’m dieing to play this game online.

  • ron

    how do i connect with pc


  • Blazekiller

    I’m having Dragonball xenoverse pc (actually downloaded for free from ocean of games )
    I can’t log in to the online servers but rest is fine as I followed the instructions given there does anyone know how to solve this problem

  • SwungSantasElf

    It still kicks me off after 5 mins

  • Jc

    hey, even pc? I can’t connect to the xenoverse server. Ex. Once I finished mission in the Pararell quest it stays in the screen “Connecting to the Leaderboards” now I close the game and restart it,but the mission is already finished, please help me in thiss problem, Thank you in Advance.

  • CJ Montgomery

    What about xbox 1 it hasn’t been working for a week

  • Jeet Chheda

    but will the dragon ball xenoverse server be up for dragon ball xenoverse pc players ????

  • Jeet Chheda

    from when i am waiting for it…. i just can’t wait…!!!!

  • Universalgamer961

    Every one its just the matinence problem I’ve read the load text and nobody does that so there u all go

  • anonymous92

    Is there any exact knowing when the issue will be resolved? I’ve been wanting to play this game with my brother but the same issues keep reoccurring both outside and in single or multiplayer lobby.

  • Coc

    I use xenoverse in pc and I have net connection but it is showing error
    How to fix

  • GOKU

    im on xbox one and i still cant get on


    I am still having issues I tried to log into my profile so I can start the game over cause I thought of starting from scratch again since its been a while and it can’t even load past the load your profile screen it just gets stuck and plays the music.

  • Subhan Siddiqui

    It is now my problem or servers are still on maintenance ?

  • alfed harris

    what up with the game;

  • Shadow Saint

    -_- No xenoverse server

  • Shadow Saint

    Connection to the xenoverse is A$$

  • Santer

    I just bought this game and I can’t even do the fist Mission

  • The Dragon God

    On a network, with millions of players, do not be so native to ever think you’re the only one who would experience something. You’re not the only one capable of being online on any device. Enough with the ignorance.

  • HellooBoiii

    Are the servers completely down now that everyone has moved to XenoVerse 2? Or did Bancdai Namco decide to keep the servers for XenoVerse 1 up? Well…Let me rephrase that. Most people have moved to XenoVerse 2.

  • HellooBoiii

    Are the servers completely down now that everyone has moved to XenoVerse 2? Or did Bancdai Namco decide to keep the servers for XenoVerse 1 up? Well…Let me rephrase that. Most people have moved to XenoVerse 2.

  • HellooBoiii

    Then I notice. This is 2 years old.

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