Marvel’s Avengers Gets Werewolf Captain America “Capwolf” Skin

by Nirvair Suwali


Marvel’s Avengers has revealed a brand new outfit for Captain America that is sure to impress. The official Twitter account for Marvel’s Avengers surprised players with a look at “Capwolf”, a great looking skin that imagines the Star-Spangled Man as a werewolf.

Recently, Crystal Dynamics has been focused on bringing out skins inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. These included skins from Avengers Endgame as well as solo movies such as Iron Man and Black Panther. However, more times than not they will take direct inspiration from the comic books, which is the case with the new Captain America skin.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the Capwolf skin, based on a comic from 1992 (Captain America issue 405), will be coming to Marvel’s Avengers on October 21. The skin sees Captain America as a werewolf making it one of the most outrageous skins in the game. It’s unclear how much this outfit will cost players, but it can be presumed that it will coincide with previous premium skins in the game.

It’s no coincidence this skin will be arriving shortly before Halloween however, it begs the question as to whether or not there will be more Halloween-inspired outfits for the rest of the team. There are decades worth of comic books to draw inspiration from, with Marvel Zombies being the most obvious choice. It would not be unlikely to see more horror-esque skins announced for the other Avengers.

The live-service superhero game has had a very bumpy road since launch, what with an abundance of technical issues, delays, and lack of content. Whilst players are loving the look of the new skin, it’s still not enough to convince them to stop protesting against the game after a recent update. The announcement for this skin comes just after the game has been heavily criticised for adding paid consumables. XP boosters appeared in the marketplace after a recent update which has angered many fans of the game.


With this being said, there is still more content to come for Marvel’s Avengers in the near future. The first Raid like mission will be coming to the game very soon, featuring Klaw as the primary antagonist. Playstation players can also look forward to seeing everyone’s favourite web-head, Spider-Man, coming to the game.  There is no doubt a lot of controversy surrounding the game however, the game has enjoyed a recent boost in players after arriving on Xbox Game Pass. It will be interesting to see if Marvel’s Avengers can prove its longevity after releasing all planned content confirmed in its roadmap.


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