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Sounds Like Combat In Mass Effect 4 Will Be Challenging

by Damian Seeto


BioWare has now talked more about how the combat will be like in the upcoming Mass Effect 4 video game.

Mass Effect 4’s level designer, Jos Hendriks, talked a bit more on the combat that will await fans in the final game. It sounds like they’re making the game a little bit more challenging than before.

Hendriks described his experience with the combat in Mass Effect 4 in a series of tweets. He said the “combat certainly works” and that he got his “ass handed“. He went on to say that the people testing his new mission should “know their stuff“. He said the combat is “no joke“.

As of right now, Hendriks is still working hard on the mission he’s currently working on for Mass Effect 4. It sounds like he’s designing a challenging part of the game. Although it’s likely the full game will try to make the game feel more balanced.

Still, it’s nice to know that BioWare is looking to shake things up with the combat in Mass Effect 4. No official gameplay has been shown for the new game yet. However, it’s expected we will finally see our first piece of gameplay at E3 2015. It’s not too long until the big event.

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