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Mass Effect 4 Is Not A Prequel Or Sequel Says BioWare

by Damian Seeto


It sounds like Mass Effect 4 will be neither a prequel or a sequel says BioWare.

Senior Development Director for Mass Effect 4, Chris Wynn said on twitter:

Not a prequel, not necessarily a sequel either

Unofficially, people have been calling the next Mass Effect game “Mass Effect 4”. It sounds like BioWare itself has yet to choose an official title.

A fan wanted to know what will Mass Effect 4 will be officially called. Wynn tweeted:”Can’t say when yet“.

It’s possible BioWare is still debating on how to call Mass Effect 4. For now, we’ll just call it Mass Effect 4, but it sounds like BioWare is planning on calling it something else.

If Mass Effect 4 is not a prequel or a sequel, are we looking at another reboot? EA has already rebooted Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed. EA chose unimaginative names for both games. If people are talking about those games, we have to put the year of release to differentiate from the original versions.

Although Mass Effect 4 could also take place in between the events of the first three games. This is something Gearbox Software did with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That game was also not really a sequel or prequel.

What do you think Wynn means about the next Mass Effect game being neither a prequel or sequel?


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