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Mass Effect: Andromeda Could Include Weather Effects

by Damian Seeto


Mass Effect: Andromeda could be including weather effects judging from recent comments from one of the developers.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Senior Development Director, Chris Wynn, recently posted on Twitter:

Tech art team just blew me away with a demo of weather effects on objects and characters in game. Was ridiculously cool. #MEAndromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in the Andromeda galaxy. This is a different galaxy from the Milky Way which was the galaxy used in the previous trilogy. This is obviously the galaxy we already live in.

It sounds like Mass Effect: Andromeda may take a page out of Star Wars and feature planets that have several weather types. This gives each planet a different type of atmosphere.

In Star Wars, there’s the planet called Kamino which is always raining. There is also Hoth which most fans will know is the planet that is all full of snow. It’s possible the designers from Mass Effect: Andromeda are taking inspirations from Star Wars for planet designs.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was only officially revealed earlier this month at E3 2015. Not a lot of info has been announced yet, other than a late 2016 release window for the game. BioWare and EA are sure to show more from the game in the coming months.

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