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Mass Effect Andromeda Currently Not Planned For Nintendo Switch

by Damian Seeto


Even though Nintendo advertised that the Nintendo Switch will have lots of third party support, it sounds like Mass Effect Andromeda won’t be on the console at launch.

A fan tweeted to Micheal Gamble who is the producer for Mass Effect Andromeda if the game is coming to Nintendo Switch. He replied with: “PC, PS4, Neo (PS4 Pro), X1

To clarify his answer, he said: “I can’t speak for the future. Just the current plans.” He says he loves Nintendo, but right now it looks like the game won’t be available on the new console at launch.

Aside from the portability of the console, not much is known about it. Nintendo says specs and specific game titles won’t be announced until next year. Only small information will be revealed for the rest of 2016 from the sounds of things.

What we do know is that the console doesn’t support physical backwards compatibility with both Wii U and 3DS video games. It’s possible it could have a digital store for you to download older games.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be out in early 2017. The game features a new galaxy and a fresh slate of planets for you to explore and more.

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