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Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Further Than Ever Before

by Dean James


The Mass Effect series was one of the biggest and most well respected franchises of the last generation of consoles, even with the backlash for the ending. With that trilogy wrapped up the next generation is here with Mass Effect Andromeda and it looks to go further than ever before.

E3 2016 is going on this week and EA is holding their own EA Play event themselves, with Mass Effect Andromeda getting a chance to be shown off in its largest capacity yet.

In the brand new trailer for the game, we have a narrator talking about how the game is taking the series further than ever, breaking all boundaries that we may be used to.

They show not only gameplay footage, but a lot of behind the scene footage of this Frostbite engine based game, including the mocap and character design, which looks very impressive.

The trailer then ends with a female character waking up almost gasping for air before saying “we made it.” So the question now is whether this is the female playable character or someone else entirely. You can judge for yourself by checking out the new video below.

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