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Mega Man Collection Arriving This Summer

by William Schwartz


Capcom is releasing a Mega Man Collection this summer which includes the first six games in the franchise.  The collection will retain the retro 8-bit style “with an added HD finish.”  The Mega Man Collection will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer — a Nintendo 3DS version will arrive this winter.

Some modern things will be added to the collection as well.  Online leaderboards and video replays will allow players to watch and see how top players tackle the game.  A new Challenge Mode will provide increasingly difficult trials within the six games for experienced players to test mettle.

Each game will also include a database of enemies which can accessed directly to practice against, instead of having to fight through an entire level to reach them.  Lastly, Mega Man fans will get a library of sketches, art, and other visual materials from the game’s development history.

The Mega Man Collection will be available this summer as a digital download for $14.99.

Mega Man Collection Announcement

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