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Mega Man X Mobile Game Planned for Release This Year

This new mobile action-RPG is planned for release sometime this year.

by Dylan Siegler


Ever since Mega Man 11 was announced, fans of the franchise have been wondering if Capcom is planning on making a new installment in the Mega Man X series also. Well, this isn’t exactly a main series game, but it’s something.

Capcom Taiwan recently announced ROCKMAN X DiVE (“Rockman” being the Japanese name for Mega Man, so Mega Man X DiVE, if you will), which appears to be an action-RPG for mobile devices. The description of the game mentions that it will feature all of the stages, characters, and Mavericks from across the series, and that they will be “all mixed up” in this new story that somehow also involves “the memory of ‘You’ as a player.” According to the title of the game’s 15-second trailer, the game is planned for release sometime in 2019, though it is not clear at this time if it will receive an international release or if it will only be released in Taiwan.

The last mainline game in the series was Mega Man X8, which was originally released in Japan in 2004. However, just last year Capcom released both Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 2, giving some fans hope for a revival of the series. Maybe this new mobile game is another indication of that – or maybe it’s just a mobile game and doesn’t necessarily mean anything for the future of the series. I guess we’ll see.

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