Metroid Dread Trailer Reveals New Powers and Enemies

The Dread keeps on building as more and more is revealed

by Luna Wilkes
Metroid Dread Trailer

The Second full Metroid Dread Trailer is here and with it comes the reveal of tons of new information about the game. From returning abilities to brand new ones, to classic villains to even more new ones, this trailer has a lot to unpack. From beginning to end this trailer is filled to the brim with tons of stuff any Metroid fan will love to see. And if you haven’t seen it already, go ahead and take a look for yourself.

Metroid Dread Trailer 2

New and Returning Abilities

First let’s talk about all of the different abilities this trailer has shown off, starting with what looks to be a dash ability of some kind. Samus can be seen using this new ability to quickly traverse the environment and evade enemy attacks, meaning this will be an ability with multiple different uses. Other new abilities include what looks to be a morph ball dash of some kind, as it can be seen breaking blocks vertically at one point. And probably one of the most interesting new powers is a lock-on missile system. We can see that the rockets fired with this ability will relentlessly chase after their targets, even curving around the environment to do so.

There are also some fun returning powers showcased in the trailer. Of course, we see some classics such as the grappling hook and screw attack, but there are also some more interesting ones mixed in here as well. Such as what looks to be the ice missile power-up, which was last seen in Metroid Prime 3. This will be the first time that the ice missiles show up in a 2D Metroid game. We also get a glimpse of what seems to be another dash ability of some kind, as well as a super jump. This lines up with an ability from Super Metroid that served the same purpose, so it’s nice to see that returning as well.

New Enemies Galore

Nintendo seems to love giving us more info on all the different enemies that will be appearing in Metroid Dread, as there are even more of them this time around. Right off the bat, we see a Chozo-themed enemy of some kind and a tough one at that. It shows the same kind of resistance to attacks the E.M.M.I. units have showcased, meaning this will not be an enemy you take for granted. And there are even more Chozo enemies littered throughout this trailer as well in the form of what look to be guardians of some kind. Luckily these ones seem to be a lot less heavy-duty than the first one, though they still look to provide quite the threat. And lastly, we get to see that Ridley is not the only one who can keep returning from the dead as Kraid is here now as well. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy in action so it’s sure to be a fun experience.

Metroid Dread will be released on October 8, 2021, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.