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Michael B. Jordan Stars In NBA 2K17 For MyCareer Mode

by Damian Seeto


Michael B. Jordan will be in NBA 2K17 as announced by 2K Sports via a press release. You may know him as the star of Creed and also Fantastic Four.

Michael B. Jordan is a Hollywood actor and not the traditional Michael Jordan that famously played with the Chicago Bulls. The former was smart enough to add the B. in the middle to avoid confusion.

Anyway, the actor Jordan will be included in the MyCareer mode. He plays the role of Justice Young who is a rising star and becomes friends with the player’s character. He will help the player in his career and your decisions can impact on-and-off the court.

“NBA 2K17 was the perfect platform to connect with a new, unique audience and challenge myself to expand my abilities as an actor,” said Michael B. Jordan, who was most recently inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in July 2016. “I’m humbled at the opportunity to help influence a franchise that I’ve been a passionate fan of since its first release

This not the first time the NBA 2K series has teamed up with someone from Hollywood. For NBA 2K16, Spike Lee directed and wrote the script for the MyCareer mode.

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