Microsoft dominating PlayStation Store sales with Minecraft

by AOTF Staff
Minecraft Update 1.9

The PlayStation Store sells all sorts of games, downloadable content, themes, and multimedia to its patrons, but a recently published tally for the online marketplace reveals that Microsoft’s own Minecraft is dominating PS4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3 sales.  The PlayStation Blog recently published results for 2014 sales on the PlayStation Store, and Minecraft is number one across all platforms.

Minecraft on the PlayStation 3 was the number one selling game across all platforms, though Sony notes that PlayStation Plus downloads were not included in the tallies.  It’s not a huge surprise that Minecraft is also dominating the PlayStation Store, a recent announcement from Mojang revealed that the game had sold over 18 million copies on PC and mobile devices.

Minecraft is available on just about every platform imaginable, with 4J Studios having handled the development of the console versions since the game first came to the Xbox 360 way back when.  Though it looks like Microsoft’s massive purchase of the game from Mojang is paying off big, giving them the number one downloadable title on their rival’s online storefront.

Since Microsoft took ownership of the game, the console versions of Minecraft have seen only a slight advantage to playing it on Xbox platforms.  Major announcements, updates and patches seem to be rolling out to Xbox players first.

There doesn’t seem to be anything slowing the Minecraft freight train down.  In fact, the franchise is expanding.  A story mode game from Telltale Games is slated to arrive in 2015, and I suppose there’s always the possibility of a full fledged sequel down the line, though Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t believe that’s absolutely necessary.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2015