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New Minecraft Game Announced for Early 2015 From Telltale Games

| December 18, 2014

New Minecraft Game Announced for Early 2015 From Telltale Games News  Telltale Games Minecraft

The big news that Telltale Games was teasing ended up being even bigger than many imagined. Telltale Games and Mojang will be teaming up for Minecraft: Story Mode. This will be a new game created by Telltale in collaboration with Minecraft creator Mojang. Like previous games from the developer, it will be an episodic release, with episodes spaced out by weeks or months. While this will feature a story, it is apparently not the official story for the main character of Minecraft, Steve. Also, it will not go into great detail explaining the world of Minecraft, most likely existing as a side adventure with little overall context within the greater world.

The game was announced very creatively via a game called Info Quest II, which is playable on Mojang’s website. You can explore the game a bit to gain info about Minecraft: Story Mode, or just get the bullet point info sheet. The bullet points read:

  • Minecraft: Story mode will be a narrative-driven video game created by Telltale Games. It will be about Minecraft.
  • Mojang is collaborating with Telltale and members of the community to make Minecraft: Story Mode as Minecrafty as possible.
  • The first episode will be released some time in 2015, and will be available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode will be released episodically, just like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, or the recent Tales from the Borderlands, which is another developer-collaboration series between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software.
  • We’re not intending on creating an “official” story for Steve, or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail. It will be a cool game.
  • The Minecraft 2 thing was a joke. No really. It was a joke.

Minecraft: Story Mode will begin releasing in early 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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  • Facts First

    Glad to see PlayStation users getting more Xbox content on their platform, at least they’ll have SOMETHING to play.

    • Gaylo: Not enough to save M$

      Glad to see that Micro$oft knows it’s doomed and is starting to go the way of Atari. Great day for gaming.

      • Ben

        Without MS, there is no competition and PS4 would be a DRM, no game, paperweight thats overpriced. The day you PS fanboys die is truly the greatest

      • ?????

        A $300 billion company is doomed? What about Sony? They can’t even afford a price cut and is going bankrupt!

    • Revolver Ocelot

      You do know this is Telltale Games, right Facts Last?

  • Goku is love goku is life

    A story about Minecraft? LOL

  • Wizard of Peace

    I wonder how popular this will actually be.

  • Jak Constantine

    Correction. Steve is just a default skin like Alex. they are not the main characters, since you can make your own skins. The wiki does say that the player is the unofficial main character, which can be made anyway we want or we can make it ourselves in perspective.

  • Virtual Boy

    Telltale might be spreading themselves a bit thin with all of these games. This is the fifth series they’re working on right now.

  • Isaiah

    I am awsome

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