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Minecraft and Mojang are Now Officially a Part of Microsoft

by Kyle Hanson


One of the biggest news stories of the last few months was Microsoft’s purchase of Minecraft creator Mojang. It all started with some rumors, but was quickly confirmed by both Microsoft and Mojang. A deal was struck for $2.5 billion, and everything moved on. However, as with any deal of this size things take a long time. Contracts must be signed and everything has to be put in order. All of that has been done as of this morning though with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer’s announcement that Mojang has officially become a part of the Microsoft Studios family.

It’s official, today we welcome Mojang to the Microsoft Studios family. We’re excited for the possibilities ahead w/the Minecraft community.

Little has changed since the announcement of Mojang’s acquisition, with Minecraft remaining on all systems and even launching new versions for PS4 and PS Vita. One of the first differences was simply the announcement that Minecraft would be coming to Windows Phone at some point in the future. With how well Minecraft has sold on all platforms, including those of Microsoft’s competition, it is doubtful that it will be pulled or face a lack of support any time soon.

The one big questions on everyone’s mind is whether Microsoft might push for a Minecraft sequel at some point. Comments from top management has indicated that the idea isn’t totally out of the realm of reality, but that they see no reason to rush into it given the massive community that has formed around the original game. While a sequel, or re-release of the hugely popular title is almost an inevitability at some point, it doesn’t seem like anyone is ready to hurry it along into development. Hopefully the massive influx of money and resources will allow Mojang to iron out some of the long standing issues present in Minecraft.

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