Attack of the Fanboy

Microsoft giving all ten Xbox 360 owners in Japan a chance at rewards

by William Schwartz


Microsoft is starting a new campaign in Japan. The new campaign will have a collective group of Japanese Xbox 360 owners striving to reach gameplay milestones, with the overall goal being to surpass one million hours of play between April 20th and June 19th.

The “Aim to Do It” campaign will give these Japanese players free Microsoft Points for hitting milestones along the way. Players must play very specific games to count towards the overall total. Since we very rarely have Japanese visitors to this site, we’re not going to list them here, but they are some of the more popular titles that have been released in 2013 and 2012. It’s basically the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo 4’s of the world.

If Japanese players pass 300,000 hours, each Gold Member participant will receive 100 Microsoft Points or 8 billion yen (not really 8 billion yen, $1.25 USD). If the 500,000 milestone is hit, players will get 200 points. If they hit a million hours, Gold members get 400 Microsoft Points.

Microsoft has not seen the Japanese market adopt the Xbox 360 like it has been in North America and Europe. The console has struggled to establish a base, and many have gone as far as to speculate if Microsoft will even release their next-gen console in Japan. Perhaps this is their last ditch effort to see if the Xbox 360 can make a mark before their next-gen plans are hatched.

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