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Microsoft Reportedly Launching Disc-less Xbox One S This May

Pre-orders will allegedly be available starting in April.

by Alex Levine


Apparently, Microsoft will be launching the disc-less console originally code named the “Xbox Maverick” very soon. According to a source from Windows Central, the new name of the system will be the “Xbox One S All Digital Edition” and it will officially be unveiled when the system goes up for pre-order, which will also be sometime next month. On top of that, the report also states that this new console will be available to buy this coming May, just ahead of E3 2019.

If this report is considered true, then the Xbox One S system will be made only for digital purchases, completely removing the blu-ray drive. This will more than likely result in a lower cost of production, and in turn make it a cheaper option for anyone who wants to own an Xbox One. In addition, this will only help the Xbox Game Pass, which is meant only for online digital gaming for the Xbox family, as well as PC.

Its no surprise that Microsoft has had an initiative for cloud based gaming, especially when it announced the xCloud game streaming service last fall, which is meant to stream all Xbox game to any available device as long as it’s connected to the internet. And then theirs the rumor that Microsoft will announce two next-gen Xbox consoles at this years E3 2019, one of which is also planning on being disc-less. Things are getting interesting, and with only a few months remaining until E3 we’re sure to have more rumors, news and announcements from the company, so stay tuned for more updates.

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