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Microsoft rumored to have begun production of Xbox ‘720’

| May 4, 2012

Microsoft rumored to have begun production of Xbox '720' News Rumors Xbox  Xbox 720 Next Generation Microsoft

This generation has given us at least one certainty, and that is Microsoft’s success in the console market will breed a third iteration of the Xbox console. Accoring to sources at IGN, production of the next generation hardware has already begun. An Austin Texas based branch of Flextronics is rumored to be producing the console, in what could be units sent to developers known as “dev-kits”. Flextronics was the same company that assembled the Xbox 360, as well as the manufacturer of the original Xbox.

It’s a sure sign of the inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll see the next generation Xbox anytime soon. Microsoft has adamantly denied any reveal in 2012 of the next generation hardware, but the rumor mill has seen system specifications that point to an ultra high-end, low priced console that will arrive in 2013-14.

IGN’s source intel has not been confirmed nor denied by Flextronics, but it’s probably safe to assume even if the finer details aren’t correct, they’ve got to be in the ballpark if the timelines are correct for next-gen.

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    I hope they put a 7090 in it

  • Egg_Yellow89

    Hope they put a good GPU in it. Please?

  • njb

    Hopefully the 1st new console they bring out has all the features it should. Cant beleive it took a few models to get wifi and other stuff. But we know they rushed it out the door, it worked at the start but now theirs not much in the units sold between ps3 an 360’s.

    Cant believe ppl still pay over £200 For a standard 360 now.

    Anyway, they wont release a console til 2014 and i bet u that they want to wait longer. I hope they do. Some nice ideas and projects floating around. Cant wait for Dust 514 and alot of multiplatforms are starting to look pretty sweet in the graphics department too.

  • Bigjershby

    im ready for whatever they got BUT unless xbox shows it wants to take care of me and not my mom (kinect) then sadly even if its the better console i wont be getting it i hope im wrong though u cant never go wrong with more games even if i have to wait alil longer cuz said games isnt on the console i got first whatever 1 that console turns out to be(i know it wont be a wii u) 

  • Allen

    I can’t wait

    • Anonymous Tom

      Oh, so you can’t wait to be a little 12 year and start ripping on something you’ll never play? Classic.

      • Egg_Yellow89

        Lol, I was thinking the same thing XD

      • Boz

         Thats not the real A113n. Its a poser.

  • Bla bla bla bla enough with the damn rumors