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Microsoft Studios Okay With Rare Replay Releasing On Wii U?

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An official tweet from Microsoft Studios earlier this month suggests they are okay with the fact that Rare Replay can come to Wii U one day.

This conversation started when Microsoft Studios announced that it is releasing and publishing Minecraft Wii U Edition. Someone asked if Rare Replay could be on Wii U as well.

Microsoft Studios replied with: “Suggest it to the great folks at @RareLtd“. This tweets sounds like they are suggesting that Rare should come up with the decision.

This is interesting because Rare is Microsoft owned at the moment. However, many of the games on Rare Replay were originally released on Nintendo consoles.

If Rare Replay is to be released on Wii U, it would be cool if they could add many of the Donkey Kong games. Donkey Kong is still Nintendo owned so sadly he wasn’t allowed to be in the Xbox One version of Rare Replay. If the collection does arrive on Wii U, adding Donkey Kong won’t be a problem.

The only Rare game that is a problem is Goldeneye. Activision owns the rights to the James Bond franchise and Goldeneye has lots of actor likenesses too. These will be hard to acquire as these things expire over time.

Anyway, hopefully more comes out of this friendly suggestion from Microsoft Studios. It would be neat to see Rare Replay on the Nintendo Wii U.

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