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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Joining PC Gaming Showcase at E3 2015

by Kyle Hanson


Phil Spencer is widely known as the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, but it looks like he’ll be expanding that role a bit to include PC gaming in a much more direct way. At the upcoming E3 2015 PC Gaming Showcase Spencer will take the stage to show Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 and PC gaming in general. “E3 has traditionally been a console-focused event,” explains Spencer. “So it’s great that there is a forum to celebrate all that is going on in the community and it’s an opportunity for us to speak directly to core PC gamers. In Windows gaming we are part of an overall ecosystem and it’s critical that we understand and recognize this.”

Microsoft is looking to start a more open dialogue with PC gamers about their platform, and the way that Windows 10 can impact it. Windows 10 will be released this June, hitting PCs, phones, tablets, and the Xbox One. This shared operating system is a main element of this new initiative as Microsoft shifts to looking at the Xbox One as more of a multi-platform device. “We want to make clear that when we talk about Xbox going forward, we’re talking about gaming on all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One and HoloLens…To us, and to millions of gamers, Xbox is gaming. And those gamers play on PCs, tablets, phones, and want to play on new devices. It makes sense for Xbox to play on those devices too. We’re about connecting gamers and their games – wherever they play.”

You can read the entire interview between Phil Spencer and PC Gamer to see more about how Games for Windows Live hurt their image, and the prospect of more games hitting PC and Xbox One.

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