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Mighty No. 9 Has Been Officially Delayed Despite Reports To The Contrary

by Dean James


The journey for Mighty No. 9 started off very well, with a very successful Kickstarter campaign and goodwill for longtime Mega Man fans that have been longing for a new game that Capcom hasn’t delivered. However, things have gone downhill ever since and after early reports were dismissed, Mighty No. 9 has been officially delayed.

Reports first began to surface the other day, including a report from the very reputable Game Informer that came through word their parent company GameStop received. However, people involved on the forums for the game dismissed this idea as just a retailer mistake.

That was obviously them just trying to fan the fire that started, as they have now officially announced that Mighty No. 9 has been delayed to 2016, with their goal of it coming in the first quarter of the year.

This news comes straight from the forums that are only available to backers, which was provided by a member on NeoGAF. This post says that they will be announcing the delay to everyone at Gamescom 2015. The supposed reason for the delay is that

“There are still bugs and issues pertaining to the online features that are included in the game. These bugs and issues have a direct affect on enjoyment of the game, so a decision was made to work these issues out before release.”

The whole situation surrounding Mighty No. 9 is really starting to get old and is burning people out on the game even before its release. This can’t bode well for the likely to be series in the long run, where we already saw the Red Ash Kickstarter bomb miserably, if it wasn’t for being funded by an outside company separately.

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