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Miitomo Surpasses 10 Million Users Worldwide

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo fans have certainly had a very interesting day, with major news like the Nintendo NX hitting in March of next year, a Zelda delay, and some very interesting E3 plans from the company. In the midst of all of this there’s the ever unfolding story of Nintendo’s first major smartphone app, Miitomo. The social network, video game mashup has achieved some pretty amazing success, with Nintendo announcing this morning that it has surpassed 10 million users worldwide.

For a company that shied away from mobile titles for years, it’s very impressive to see that they have hit it out of the park on essentially the first try. And considering that many countries are still locked out of Miitomo, it seems like the user numbers will only go higher.

Of course, with Miitomo being a free app it isn’t too surprising that it has a lot of people downloading it. We don’t really have data on how many people log into the game every day, or how much time they use it. Still, it seems like people have found something to love in the quirky little app. Hopefully the same will be true for future smartphone projects from Nintendo, including the upcoming Pokemon Go.

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