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Minecraft Dev Releases Surprise Free Game Crown And Council

by Mike Guarino


Developer Mojang has been plenty busy with Minecraft and its multiple different versions, but it looks like they had something cooking on the back burner and they are now releasing it for free. The game is called Crown and Council and is available now on Steam.

The Mojang Blog reveals that the game was made by just one person of the Mojang staff, calling it a “fast-paced strategy game about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs. Click adjacent land tiles to subdue them with your army, earning gold to fund further expeditions, defensive forts, naval attacks, universities and more. Muscle your opposition off the map! There can be only one ruler in these lands!”

The sole member of Mojang that made the game is Henrik Pettersson, whom the blog refers to as the “multi-talented Mojangsta.”

Crown and Council is available to download for free on Steam right now, so head on over to the Steam page by clicking right here.

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