Minecraft is Coming to Nintendo 3DS September 13th on eShop

by AOTF Staff

Just when you thought that Minecraft couldn’t hit any other console, the game is heading to the Nintendo 3DS.  Set to release in digital version on 9/13, Minecraft 3DS was revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct.

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The digital version will arrive first, but there is a packaged version coming to the handheld at an unspecified date.  The Minecraft 3DS version includes five skin packs and two texture packs.  Other details gleaned from the video were that inventory, crafting and map would be handled on the touchscreen.  While the gameplay would be on the main screen.

Players will be able to choose between button or touch controls for the game.

Nintendo is no stranger to a relationship with Microsoft to put the crafting and building game on their platforms.  The game just arrived on the Nintendo Switch and we liked it in our review. 

We won’t need to wait long to see how Minecraft does on the Nintendo 3DS.  It will get the benefit of the New Nintendo 3DS handhelds.  The game will only be available for those that own the more recent 3DS systems.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018