Minecraft Legends Release Date of April 18 is Confirmed

Creepers, beware!

by Noah Nelson

In the Xbox Developer Direct, Minecraft Legends finally got a release date. From the Xbox showcase leaks that were circulating before the Xbox Developer Direct, it was rumored that all of the games shown would be released within months of the showcase itself. Now, we finally know that Minecraft Legends is coming out on April 18, 2023.

When is the Minecraft Legends Release Date?

To summarize the intro, Minecraft Legends will be available on April 18, 2023. We heard rumors that the games announced at the Xbox Developer Direct would be available in the “next few month,” but we are stoked to actually get a firm release date for Minecraft Legends.

What is Minecraft Legends?

If you are unfamiliar with what Minecraft Legends is, you first need to know that it isn’t like Minecraft at all. Though it is set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Legends is a PvPvE game that pits two teams of four against each other.

The objective of the game is to gather resources, build your own castle, create your own army, and defeat your opponent. Each game is procedurally generated like every Minecraft world is. You and your team will need to communicate who is doing what role, like who is building the castle, who is gathering resources, and who is scouting the enemy team, to be successful.

There are many fan-favorite and new mobs to discover when playing Minecraft Legends. The building famous in Minecraft is also available in Minecraft Legends in that you get to design whatever castle layout you want. The sky is the limit!

Minecraft Legends looks to combine the fluid action of third-person action games with the gameplay of real-time strategy games like Starcraft and Age of Empire. The game looks extremely approachable and fun. We can’t wait to play Minecraft Legends on April 18, 2023.

Minecraft Legends will be available on April 18, 2023, on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023