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Minecraft VR Hits Oculus Rift Today

by Kyle Hanson


After a long wait, a cancellation, the sale of both companies involved, and a whole lot of other stuff, Minecraft VR is finally arriving later today for the Oculus Rift. The update will come to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta, letting players experience all the wonder of Minecraft on their PC, but with the full VR experience.

While this isn’t the first time that Minecraft has been available in VR, that would be on the Gear VR, it seems like it will be the best and most feature rich version. Mojang has added some very specific features in order to make the VR experience better on Windows 10.

These include: “Innate keyboard and mouse support! VR control options for immersive comfortable turning with the Xbox One controller! Fancy-pants graphics stuff, like MSAA for crisp visuals, new render distance settings that will make use of powerful VR graphics cards, and optimized Windows 10 DX11 performance! Even more granular customisation of VR settings, so you can mix-n-match for personalised comfort!”

And if being fully immersed in your Minecraft world is too much, you can always use the Virtual Living Room option, which makes the gameplay more standard, while keeping you in a VR environemnt. Other touches have been made to make the game work well in VR, “We’ve also made all kinds of tweaks to the way you move, some super subtle, some striking – like a special turning mode which breaks up the smooth rotation of your camera into abrupt jumps. It looks strange in videos, but it huuuugely improves the experience in-game.”

Minecraft VR will hit as a free update for the Windows 10 Beta edition later today.

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