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Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update still weeks away

| February 26, 2014

Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update still weeks away News Xbox  Minecraft

There’s been a healthy pause in Minecraft Xbox 360 Updates.  The delay has left many wondering when the next Minecraft Xbox 360 Update will arrive.  According to 4J Studios, the update is still weeks, possibly over a month away.

4J says that it’ll be weeks before the game update is ready for the certification process.

“Lots of people asking about TU14! We’re busy finalising the content, and bug fixing. A few weeks to go before it’s ready for Cert testing,” reads the company’s Twitter Feed.

The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update is based on Minecraft PC Java version 1.3.1.  Though 4J has explained that there are some other features that will be released in Title Update 14.

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  • megan

    U. Said this two months when is it going to come becuz it’s getting very boring sense our last update

  • Richard

    Mine craft xbox is really boring now i play it like 3 times a week

    • Da racer64 (xbox)


    • Booboos

      Are you an idiot that you can’t love Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition? :P

  • Charlie

    Is there gonna be reds tone blocks

  • Charlie

    Is there red stone blocks in it

  • Shawn

    Anyone wanna play minecraft just be patient they got there hands full we will get it when they get done

    • Jerry Brown

      Shure what’s your gamertag?

      • Shawn


    • rodrigo

      Sure add me, EL CHURR0N

    • Delco85

      Delco85. Im on every now and again and love it

  • :-)

    Plz hurry my family is starving they need there baked potatos and pumpkin pies and my rabbits as well are hungry they need there carrots if they die it would be on u….

  • raul

    Nobody has it on ps3 here

    • Xiomarra

      I do. My tag is xiomarra. I have both Xbox and ps3 versions.

  • mark


  • Thetheblondegirl

    Me and mrtap812 have been searching for info now we know!!

  • Austin

    This update needs to come out minecraft is starting to bor me I use to love the game now I hardly play it I really want this update to come out

  • Kirsty Rachel O’Neill

    u guys said that in one of the updates that it would make updateing the game faster and it would relese faster but these guys are right the game is getting boring!

  • blaine

    I know that’s gay

  • NotHappy

    Think its pretty stupid for them to keep showing information for the upcoming update when its still weeks away. Damn annoying to get exicted about crap they stick in front of our noses and they yank it the hell away for a month.


    Nooooooooo!!! It must be sooner!!!

  • Logan

    Minecraft is the dumbest games ever with out an update

  • Caden Zelazny

    Still so far awayyyyy

    • Javion

      I hate minecraft now thx mojangln

  • Caden Zelazny

    There coming out with a minecraft move OMG

  • Brendan Flynn

    Dood plz stop saying stuff about update its coming out on march 3 or another tuesday.

  • Brendan Flynn

    Dood its coming out next tuesday or tuesday after that plz stop

  • Jammy

    Minecraft is so boring i havnt played i in 2-3 months the last update wasnt the greatest im sadly turned off by the release of updates

  • ben

    I wonder if there will be horses…

  • BJN55

    Yea the wait is unbearable we need something new fast

  • Robert

    I need an update I play once a mouth hoping for a up date for some thing anything on minecraft its getting wherevI dont want to play

  • Ian Morrison

    There’s cobblestone walls

  • Robertson

    Does anyone know what new blocks we’re getting in the update?

    Xbox gamertag: JAIMIE HMFC

    Got a city style world going on if anyone wants a look just add me.

    • Anthony

      we are ganna have red stone blocks and other things.i just cant what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter

    I barely play now I want the new update soooooooo badly that I just wnna go to notch and tell him to send out the update already

  • Peter

    I really wnna get the new update

  • Alan

    I have seen on you tube that trading is now available on xbox360. I can hit villagers but nothing else. Is the new update on the minecraft disk. If not how do I upgrade. There is no option to do this while loading. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks Alan

  • Alan

    I saw on you tube that trading was already available on xbox360. I have the disk version. Only had it two weeks but can not trade. I can hit villagers but nothing else. If this is not the latest version how do I upgrade. There is no option to do this while loading. I would really appreciate your help.

    • Sin0420

      When an update is ready it will ask you to update when you start the game like all xbox 360 games.

  • maximus

    the should add cars to minecraft’

  • matthew

    I’m tired of wating im so bord of it now

  • Monolith

    I’ve been waiting 4 evar!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    There will be horses, emeralds, villager trading, wither boss, wither painting, cobble walls, if all goes well!!!

  • Christopher

    In the update is there going to be a comand block and engines for rockets ship poeple make in minecraft xbox 360 edition

  • Christopher

    I hope there will also be a new boss to defeat

  • Jack

    Hopefully it will come sometime March 28Th-April 5Th (These are Example dates) Can’t wait for the xbox 360 horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Xavier

    The next update is the horse

    • Xavier

      The horse update for xbox is on. July 1

  • _Kewl__dude_

    I neeeed the new update

  • Jacob

    I love minecraft but I hope notch releases tu 27/28 for the xbox 360 soon, the susspence is killing me. ?

  • Amazing Arteest

    When will You guess put up all the stuff that the PC has im getting tired of using this stuff its not fare that there is more Xbox 360 players on minecraft But you still cant put the stuff up on Xbox 360 noooo!!! i want to have entertainment. Its just not fair Doesn’t mean the PC had minecraft first doesn’t mean they should get the good stuff please just put the PC stuff on the Xbox 360.

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