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Minecraft Xbox One Edition Included in Xbox Live All-Access This Weekend

by Bill Hess


Xbox Live will be on a free trial of sorts from May 18th through May 21st, where anyone can play multiplayer in any game they own.  During what Microsoft’s calling “Multiplayer All Access”  Minecraft Xbox One Edition will also be free to play during the trial weekend.

Xbox Live free multiplayer weekends aren’t anything out of the ordinary.  Microsoft regularly hosts these events to hopefully entice that rare breed of person that owns an Xbox One without Xbox Live.  I suppose the hope is to wrangle in those stragglers who refuse to pay up for the service.

For the people who are already paying for the service, getting to check out Minecraft on the Xbox One for a few days isn’t bad.  The Xbox One Edition of Minecraft, which was released back in 2014 allowed players to build even bigger levels than in the popular Xbox 360 version.  In fact, players could build worlds that were 36 times larger than before.  A host of other improvements over the Xbox 360 version included increased rendering distance and other gameplay enhancements.

Since Microsoft purchased Minecraft it’s continued its sales tear.  The game has made its way on to seemingly every platform available.  Most recently, the game launched on the Nintendo Switch and was once again praised for its portability on the console.

Xbox Live Free Weekend May 18-21

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