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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Q&A Covers Story And Gameplay Elements

by Damian Seeto


The official twitter page of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gave some more details on changing the story of the game plus some info on gameplay elements.

The narrative director for the game, Christofer Emgård, answered a few fan questions via a Q&A session that was held earlier today.

First of all, Emgard gave a reason why the story in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst deviates from the original game. The game is kind of like a “rebirth” of the series and is not a prequel or sequel.

The reason they changed the story is because they wanted to “create a richer and more textured world which led us to also revise the narrative“.

Emgard went on to say that he wanted to know more about Faith and that’s “been one of the main ambitions with the new story“. Some familiar characters will be in the game, but they will appear as “new shapes and forms”.

It was also mentioned knowing the original story won’t hurt your experiences with the new game. They are changing the story so older fans won’t have to worry about being too spoiled. We will know more about Faith’s childhood too.

As for the gameplay in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, there will be sidequests and other collectibles for you to discover. The game also includes “secondary storylines” that will have a connection to both Faith and other characters in the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes out in 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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