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Mistwalker Officially Presents Terra Battle 2 and Terra Wars

by Jose Belmonte


As Famitsu advanced earlier this week, Hironobu Sakaguchi has presented his two new projects that has been developing under his independent studio, Mistwalker. The two games are Terra Battle 2 and Terra Wars, which are both part of the newly named Terra World series, which has its origin in the 2014 game for mobile Terra Battle. Just like the original, the two new entries will be released on iOS, Android, and PC as free to play titles.

Terra Battle 2 has been the one to receive a more thorough presentation, as it’s the title that is expected to release sooner. Despite having a numeric name, the Terra Battle series will follow the same trend as Sakaguchi’s most famous creation, the Final Fantasy series, featuring a completely new set of characters and a brand new story in each entry. In this case, the game begins when an ancient evil is awakened by accident, as the trailer explains.

The most important new feature in Terra Battle 2 is a new world map that players will be able to explore algongside the group of characters, and it will allow to organize their formation before entering battle.

The other game announced, Terra Wars, is being developed by Mistwalker and Arzest, and will also release on mobile and PC. It is expected to follow a different style of gameplay from the Terra Wars titles, but Sakaguchi has not revealed any details yet.

Terra Battle 2 will release this summer for mobile and PC in Japan and North America. The release date of Terra Wars has not been determined yet. Watch the trailer for Terra Battle 2 below.

Terra Battle 2 Official Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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