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Mobius Final Fantasy Surpasses 3 Million Downloads; Co-Op Incoming

by Mike Guarino


Earlier this year Square Enix revealed that they would be releasing a “console-quality” Final Fantasy game on mobile devices, with the game in question being called Mobius Final Fantasy. While the game probably isn’t quite what fans had in mind when they thought of a console-quality Final Fantasy game, the game has been enjoying a decent amount of success so far.

In fact, the publisher has just revealed that the game has been downloaded over 3 million times worldwide excluding Japan, meaning that the global total is definitely a solid chunk higher than that. The game is free-to-play and include micro-transactions, but it is designed in a way that you can get by comfortably without ever having to pay a penny.

The publisher also revealed that there’s a big new update for the game that is set to go live on September 8th, which includes the following:

  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Starting September 8, players can use the jobs and decks they’ve developed to fight climactic battles against colossal opponents with a party of up to four players. This will be accessible through the new Ring of Braves region.
  • A New Sidequest Region: In the first exploration region, The Silent Ruins, players can enhance their cards and get a better understanding of the main story while obtaining different items and skillseeds.
  • New Samurai, Assassin and Red Mage Job Cards: Three new powerful jobs, the samurai (warrior), the assassin (ranger) and the red mage can now be acquired. Fifteen new ability cards including three Fast Learner cards are also being added, greatly expanding players’ tactical options.
  • Limited-Time FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Cards: “ Legend” cards featuring FINAL FANTASY heroes as seen in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper will be available fromSeptember 8 until October 7.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for iOS and Android.

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