Mojang Make Minecraft And Scrolls Announcements

by AOTF Staff

The Mojang team have made some large announcements over the last few days, with colossal player figures and offers on their one of their latest titles.

Mojang’s world famous game Minecraft is still going strong and growing in average players. Nathan Adams a game developer at Mojang, aka ‘Dinnerbone’ on Twitter, revealed today that last Saturday Minecraft had over 1.4 million concurrent players. Whilst being close to passing this monumental player count previously in the month, with Saturdays being the obvious peaks in the concurrent player count, only the on 25th that managed to creep over the milestone.

Mojang have also been keen to direct player’s attention towards the latest Humble Bundle. Offering a range of digital card games, the company’s very own card game Scrolls is included in two tiers of the bundle. A demo of Scrolls can be downloaded for free; however the full game comes in the $1 version of the Humble Bundle which sees a portion of the money go to charity. For donating $12 to the Humble Bundle you will receive a copy of the Scrolls Deluxe Pack. This gives players a premium account with two new decks totalling 100 cards. Recently added into the bundle, at the beat the average price point, Scrolls Avatar Heads have been made exclusively for those donating to charity.