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Mojang Release Birthday Content For Minecraft: Xbox Edition

by William Schwartz


Owen Hill, “Chief Word Officer” at Mojang, has just revealed what content gamers can download for free, as a result of it being Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’s birthday.

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition journey started three years ago today, bringing the iconic video game from its PC roots to console and onto gamers TV screens. Capturing the love and affection of another group of people the Xbox version of Minecraft has now been downloaded by a colossal 20 million players, a figure only boosted since it launched on Xbox One.

In celebration of the ‘birth’ of the Xbox edition three separate packs of free player skins will be available from today until May 17th. Two packs have previously been available but one is a brand new skins bundle featuring “veteran Mojangstas”. The other two are the bundles released for the first and second birthdays.

Talking about the announcement of the skins packs Hill commented “Veteran 360 players might already have the older packs, but this is the first time any of them have been available on Xbox One.” He went onto talk about the help Mojang have had from another studio to bring Minecraft to consoles; “Big thanks to 4J Studios for doing such a great job on the console versions and massive thanks to you for playing our game, no matter your platform of choice.”

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