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Morrowind Coming to Elder Scrolls Online

by Darrin Wright


As previously thought, Bethesda made it official today: the realm of Morrowind is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online as an expansion, due out June 6th.

Announced on Twitter with a new trailer, you can jump right into Vvardenfell without having to play any of the original game’s content, and Bethesda has promised “several price points” for people to join in on, including upgrades and full versions that include all of the prior release’s content.

While gamers have been clamoring for a return to Morrowind since The Elder Scrolls III, this particular version may not be what they expect. The Elder Scrolls Online takes place several hundred years beforehand, and that means towns you might have explored once are now just small struggling villages. The developers have promised a “meticulous” reproduction of Vvardenfell, however.

They’ve also added a new class of character to The Elder Scrolls Online. The Warden can summon a bear to help them fight, and uses magic with a nature theme. In addition, they’re tweaking Player-Vs-Player modes, adding in a new 16-player mode (three teams of four players each) and introducing new battlegrounds within.

Current users of The Elder Scrolls Online can purchase the Morrowind upgrade for about $40, while those just joining the battle can pick up the whole game, with Tamriel Unlimited as well as Morrowind, for about $60. There are also plans for collector’s editions, with the $99.99 physical edition including a map, journal, and a Colossus statue. The digital collector’s edition includes a different type of bear for the Warden, armored war horse, spider pet, and some other customization offerings and emotes. Those digital offerings are also included in the physical version.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Morrowind expansion will be available for all of those platforms.

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