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Official Mortal Kombat X Controller Revealed

by Damian Seeto


An officially branded Mortal Kombat X controller has been revealed and it looks very interesting.

Gaming Judgment had a chance to go to the Gamestop Expo earlier this week and took some snapshots of the Mortal Kombat X controller. The display only revealed the Xbox One version of the controller, but a PlayStation one is planned. It’s worth nothing this is an early design for the controller and won’t be indicative of the final product.

Anyway, the Mortal Kombat X controller for Xbox One is colored black and has the Mortal Kombat logo blasted on there. There are some differences to the design to accommodate more of an arcade joystick layout. First of all, the bumper buttons are now up at the front. This will enable you to perform combos a little easier in the game. The menu buttons are now at the top of the controller. There are no triggers for the controller and it’s missing the D-pad too. The design of the controller is different too.


It appears this Mortal Kombat X controller is only compatible with fighting games. With no triggers and D-pad, you are very unlikely to play any other game on this controller. There’s still time until the game comes out in April so maybe they’ll tweak the design of the controller in the coming months.

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