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PS4 racer from Evolution Studios to be revealed later this month

by William Schwartz


Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky is teasing a game reveal in 10 days time. This signals a big announcement coming from the Motorstorm developer on the same date as Sony’s scheduled press event to reveal what many believe to be the PS4.

It’s unclear at this point what Evolution Studios is working on, but company Twitter feeds classify their next project as super secretive. They could very well be putting together a next-gen Motorstorm, but it could also be a brand new IP from the British Studio.

Rustchynsky only said “10 days!” in his tweet, but other developers in the studio have been tweeting about the secretive project as well.

Whatever this game is, we’ll likely get our first look at the title at Sony’s press event which is scheduled for February 20th.

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