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Multiplayer Games will be Framerate Locked on PS4 Pro to Avoid Player Imbalances

by Kyle Hanson


The PS4 Pro offers players a whole slew of advantages, even if they aren’t playing the game on a 4K HDR compatible TV. However, one area that will not be impacted quite as much is the multiplayer component of games. You’ll still benefit from higher resolution, if your TV supports it, but the framerate will be locked at whatever can be run on a regular PS4.

This is according to Christian Gyrling of Naughty Dog on the PlayStation Meeting aftershow (around 1:39), where he took part in a developer roundtable to discuss the PS4 Pro. While he could have been speaking only of Naughty Dog’s games, word from the show seems to indicate that this is an intentional policy, though we’ll update if there is any official word from Sony themselves.

While this is a very understandable decision, as it allows players to not feel cheated for not spending more money on a new TV and upgraded gaming console, it is also a bit disappointing. The PS4 Pro is not a new generation of console, and thus it relies on games that can and will run on a regular PS4. The benefit is in the upgrades it provides to those games. With the upgrades being limited in terms of the multiplayer aspect, gamers who spend most of their time in these modes have much less reason to get the new console.

Still, they will benefit for the single player portion of the game, and the multiplayer will still be impacted, just in a much smaller way.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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