NBA 2K14 Server Is Now Officially Down Forever

by Damian Seeto

Don’t plan on playing NBA 2K14 online this Easter because the game’s servers have now been shut off for good.

The last day that people were able to play NBA 2K14 online was on March 31st. It is now April 1st, so the servers are no longer operational. This means you cannot play online multiplayer or access any other features of the game that require the internet.

It’s quite sad how short the servers have been up for NBA 2K14. It has only been 18 months since the game first came out in October 2013. The PS4 and Xbox One versions didn’t come out until November 2013. Newer console owners had a month less to play the game online.

However, servers being shut down quickly has been the norm for sports games for quite some time. EA started to shut down services after 2 years of release, but cut this down to 18 months. The 18 month window was adopted by 2K Sports since both NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K14 didn’t last long.

Sony is actually the cruelest as they are set to shut down the servers for MLB 14 The Show after just 11 months since the game came out last year…

Anyway, NBA 2K14’s servers are now down for good, but you can always upgrade and get NBA 2K15 if you haven’t done so already.