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NBA 2K16 1.06 Update Patch Notes Revealed; Out Now On PS4 And Coming Soon To Xbox One


2K Sports has now released the update patch notes for version 1.06 of NBA 2K16. The update is rolling out now on PS4 and is coming soon to Xbox One.

The update patch notes for NBA 2K16 were revealed via the game’s official Facebook page. I downloaded the update on my PS4 already and it was 2.4GB in size. It’s likely the patch will be around the same size on Xbox One.

The update patch notes for NBA 2K16 are: Updated player portraits for a number of players, Tuned the effectiveness of long outlet passes for players with the Break Starter badge, Delay branching from Kobe Bryant Back size-up, Re-worked size-up dribble launches to prevent unnaturally explosive first steps.

Tune miss chances for deep downcourt and cherry picking, Dock vertical and rebounding when you go behind the basket. Don’t reset 3-in-the-key offense timer in baseline behind paint for human controlled blacktop players.

The changelog said that the update made general stability fixes. This means the game shouldn’t be so buggy the next time you play it with the patch installed. The update patch for Xbox One should be out very soon.

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