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NBA 2K16 Companion App Coming To Mobile Devices

by Dean James


NBA 2K16 is looking to take the annual series to new heights this year with Spike Lee joining in on the fun to craft the MyPlayer mode. 2K Sports is also taking the experience on the go once again as well, with their just announced MyNBA2K16 app for both iOS and Android.

As revealed through the official NBA 2K Tumblr page, NBA 2K16 will be getting its own app, though very little details were revealed outside of it having “new features, new cards, and bigger events.”

For those that may have used the companion app for NBA 2K15 last year, your collection of cards are not useless as you can get loyalty rewards in the new MyNBA2K16 app as a carryover. There are five total stages of rewards that you can earn for the NBA 2K16 companion app from last year’s app.

Just how high your loyalty points are will depend on how many of The Greats, The Greats Pros, Playoffs, and Playoff Pro cards that you have collected by September 8. On that day, the servers will tally up points and you must use the same login for the NBA 2K16 app and you will get your loyalty points.

For those wanting to up their point total, there will be more events throughout the summer, with 2K specficially recommending Road to the Championship and Rivals Clash.

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