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NBA 2K16 Roster Update Details For This Week

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has implemented another NBA 2K16 roster update for the first week of May. The playoffs are now in full swing so many of the top stars have increased their player ratings in the game.

The new roster update for NBA 2K16 is available now and was first rolled out on May 5th. All of the player ratings reflect how they have played over the last couple of games.

Here are the players that have increased their ratings: Kawhi Leonard-94, Klay Thompson-90, LaMarcus Aldridge-89, Kyrie Irving – 88, Paul Millsap-87, Goran Dragic-80, Luol Deng-80, Al-Farouq Aminu-79, Dennis Schroder-79, J.R. Smith-77

Here are the players that have dropped in ratings: Hassan Whiteside-86, Kyle Lowry-86, C.J. McCollum-83, Al Horford-80, Jeff Teague-79, Tony Parker-79, Harrison Barnes-78

The biggest drops were suffered by the likes of Tony Parker and Al Horford. Both men dropped 3 points from their overall ratings just a few weeks ago.

Kawhi Leonard continues to play well and is the best rated player of the bunch with a high 94 rating. Many of the favorite teams are expected to advance and it looks like we may have a repeat of last year’s final between the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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