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NBA 2K16 Will Have Full Body Scans For Most Authentic Experience

by Dean James


NBA 2K16 is still a few months away from release, but 2K Sports is ramping up the promotion online already, with lots of new details as of late. The latest is confirmation of something we heard might be coming, full body scans.

NBA 2K16’s official Facebook and Instagram pages have been posting images the last few days that show off a few of the players that they have already scanned, including Anthony Davis and Rudy Gay, the latter of which can be seen above.


Players aren’t the only people getting full body scans in the game either, as can be seen by the picture of the dancer on the right that is being scanned into the game as well.

The goal with 2K16 is to make it the most authentic experience and making players and dancers look as close to their real life counterparts from top to bottom is a great next step. Face scanning definitely helped to push the series forward, but this is going to make NBA 2K16 even more attractive to basketball fans come September.

I’m sure 2K Sports will continue to show off more players and dancers that are being scanned over the next few months, with the other cover athletes besides Anthony Davis being almost locks. The percentage of players that were face scanned last year was very impressive, so hopefully they can get as many as they can in NBA 2K16 as well.

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