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NBA 2K16’s New Pro-Am Game Mode Is Like Crew Mode

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports revealed a new game mode in NBA 2K16 called “Pro-Am”. It’s kind of a like a new version of the popular Crew Mode.

One of the greatest new additions to Pro-Am mode is that there is instant matchmaking. 2K Sports boasts that there is “no waiting” as “games start immediately“. There will also be daily, monthly and overall leaderboards too.

Another cool feature in NBA 2K16’s Pro-Am mode is that you can completely customize your own team. You can design the arena from the ground up to make it look to your own liking. Pictures of NBA players, the NBA trophy and more can be put onto the court. Not to mention you can paint it in different colors too.

Best of all, you can upload your own images to put onto the court as well. Images can also be shared online so other people can use them. Your own logos can be used if you want to.

The court isn’t the only thing that you can customize. The team jersey can be designed to your own liking as well. Again, the same things apply here as photos of NBA players can be used and different colors are available.

The NBA 2K16 Pro-Am mode is used with your own MyPlayer. You can quickly join any team, or make a team of your own with friends. NBA style rules can be applied with time outs and fouls included.

Check out more on the new mode from the video below:

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