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NBA 2K17 1.07 Update Patch Notes Finally Revealed

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports released update 1.07 for NBA 2K17 on PS4 a few days ago. They finally released the patch notes, although not a lot has been added this time around.

As aforementioned, update patch 1.07 for NBA 2K17 is out now for PS4 owners. It’s coming soon to Xbox One owners. All of the patch notes were revealed via the official NBA 2K Facebook page. You can see them below.

  • Support for the NBA 2K17 European All-Star Tournament as well as the forthcoming NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament.
  • Performance increase for users playing in the Old Town, Sunset Beach, and Ante-Up parks.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of shooting after excessive dribbling to achieve better game balance.

In addition to this, the game’s gameplay director, Mike Wang, tweeted out other details about this update. He said: “Over-dribbling prior to shooting will see a noticeable drop in FG% with Patch 1.07. Tomorrow morning’s tuning update will nerf contested 3s

2K Sports has released a lot of update patches since the game’s launch in September. Not to mention roster updates are also made during the Season. Due to the unpredictability of players in real-life, 2K Sports has to analyze the performance of everyone and make sure they’re playing as accurate as possible in the video games.

Last year, 2K Sports actually had to make tweaks to the three point shot because the real Stephen Curry was playing better than the virtual one. Just recently, Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson amazed a lot of people when he scored 60 points in 29 minutes. Thompson is sure to get a boost in stats soon in NBA 2K17.

The NBA Season is just over a month a a half old, but both the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently doing well. It seems we may get another rematch between the two, although the other teams will want a different result.

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