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NBA 2K17 Getting FitBit Integration To Boost MyPlayer Stats

by Damian Seeto


Usually you need to increase virtual currency (VC) in order to boost the stats of your player in NBA 2K17. 2K Sports has now announced a new way you can earn stats.

If you use a FitBit, you could see some benefits in NBA 2K17 for your MyPlayer avatar. You will see a temporary attribute boost if you manage to achieve 10,000 steps in a day. This will in turn make your player play better on the court as a result of this.

“Any athlete will tell you a healthy lifestyle is a major key to success, and by rewarding gamers for healthy lifestyle habits we hope to help motivate them to achieve their goals in life and in-game,” said Alfie Brody, VP of Marketing for NBA 2K. ”Our brand has never shied away from breaking down boundaries of what a game can achieve, and we are thrilled to continue that tradition through this Fitbit integration.”

Once you connect your FitBit to the PS4 or Xbox One, you can apply “temporary +5 attribute boosts and success rate to their MyPLAYER in categories like agility, layups and dunks” says 2K Sports. You better get out running in real life if you want your player to be better at NBA 2K17!

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