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Need for Speed 2015 Petition Created To Remove Always Online Requirement

| June 4, 2015

Need for Speed 2015 Petition Created To Remove Always Online Requirement News  Need for Speed EA

When EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game required you to be online all the time, this didn’t go well with gamers. A petition has now been created to try and remove the requirement.

A few days after Need for Speed 2015 was announced, EA revealed that the game requires an internet connection. This means that it’s an “always online” video game. Even if you just want to play the single player mode, an active internet connection is still needed.

This prompted a petition to be created on Australia’s Jesse Young created the petition in hopes that EA will remove the online requirement in Need for Speed 2015.

Young wrote a pretty long (but meaningful) explanation as to why making Need for Speed 2015 an always online game is a bad thing. He referred back to how SimCity launched back in 2013. That game required an online connection at all times, but nobody was able to play the game when the servers were offline during its launch week.

Other people that signed the petition also have similar negative opinions on Need for Speed’s always online requirement. One person likes to play games on his laptop where there is no internet connection. Obviously, this won’t be a game he will be able to play.

Some others feel it makes no sense that the single player mode in Need for Speed 2015 needs the internet. They feel the game should be like most others where you only need the internet for online multiplayer.

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  • PJ

    “When EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game required you to be online all the time, this didn’t go well with gamers.” You mean this didn’t go down well with a vocal minority of gamers who, quite frankly, can **** off and stop trying to ruin games for the majority.

    • Guest

      So you think always online is a good thing for us gamers?
      Sorry but I just don’t see how.

    • Naberios

      If you think it’s somehow a “good” thing to force a connection to their servers just to play the single player mode, then you can fuck off. Because you’re a full of shit idiot. Not to mention that EA has a long history of shutting down servers on a pretty consistent basis. Or maybe you’d rather have a nice coaster 2 years from now.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        One of my favorite games is Rockstar’s Midnight Club Los Angeles. They partnered with Gamespot to host their online servers and had some special content that you could unlock by doing certain “challenges” via the Rockstar Social Club. My absolute favorite car in all racing games, the Audi R8, was the pinnacle of these achievements. Thing is, Gamespot decided to shut down the online portion of the game, so now unless you already have a save file with the Audi R8 unlocked, you can’t earn it anymore (while I did earn it originally on the Xbox 360, I later got the game on the PS3 because I loved it that much, and alas.. no Audi R8… so I got rid of the game the next day.)

        So yeah, ‘must be online’ content sucks.

      • Kyle Hill

        It could be used as a door stopper!

    • Scam Artist

      You are seriously fucked in the head if you think always online anything is a good idea.

    • Amir Hamzah

      Are you stupid?

    • WhiteWolfKobachi

      Troll scrub, Die.

    • Van Arcelle Hernandez

      vocal minority? did you forget the always online disaster of sim city and xb1? always online must be an option, not a mandatory.

    • Vince Wiggins

      The irony (and stupidity) in your comment is simply amazing.

    • Mike S

      You all know what PJ stands for ?? ” P..i..s..s..a..n..t___J.e.r.k. ” his views do not mean a thing. He is one of the many that love to cause trouble in the chat / comment sections of stories. He is most likey one of those that Ram and Cheat in Game to make all of our time in online multiplayer mode a fight instead of a sportman like race. People like him have their fun by stealing OUR wins and cash winnings, ruining our lap and race times,costing us major auto repair bills and ruining our fun, By ramming and cheating their way to wins. Sometimes just to raise H..E..L..L and not even caring about the win. Just to cause in game pain and problems for everyone else that loves to race fair and be good sportsman.

    • Ninja6668474747

      You should look up the sims it was released broken and you could barley play it it would also boot you often making the game almost unplayable have a good time trying to play a game with a broken system

    • Konisko Banerjee

      Go fuck urself

    • Tan Vae Lun

      Yeah, fuck you too and your English……

    • Aaron Bush

      yes this is a year old but… i have crappy internet connection, i can load it. i get in. it lags a bit. i go to play alone, and well i get that Bad Connection warning in the middle of the screen, when its the singleplayer and it stays there, the vehicles dont lag, i dont lag, the races dont lag, but it shows the STUPID ASS WARNING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN. ITS ANNOYING AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED

  • CgJc37046

    I didnt buy “the crew” because of this reason and regret buying destiny for that reason. I will not purchase this game as much as I would like to if it requires constant online connection.

  • Hunter Be Hunted

    Obviously this is to tackle the bootleggers….

    • michaelange727

      Belive me they have other ways to tackle bootleggers my friend.Its just EA for you,they dont call them Electronic Assholes for nothing. Peace.

      • Tan Vae Lun

        you mean “E”xtreme “A”ssholes? I agree with u on that one

    • Kyle Hill

      The people in charge are just bankers and financial people with no vision. They just look at dollars and press releases that are paid. They don’t even play video games and have no business running the place but due to merging and no anti trust lawsuits being used we have these bigger and bigger monopolies eating each other.

  • TheManWithABigToe

    It’s really not that bad.

  • Keylon Nichols

    Well I think we should sit back and see what EA has in store for us. I doubt that they would want to mislead or cause any more mistrust. They know that this game has to do well

    • michaelange727

      Trust me mislead is unfortunetly one of their business models.

  • Darren Thompson

    You guys really shouldn’t make the new nfs an online requirement game because the trailer speaks for its self that you would have a truck load of sells if you take the online requirement off because I was really disappointed with the crew for that so please take online requirement off I really don’t want to be disappointed with my favourite racing game franchise.


  • Monib ur Rehman

    Come on EA
    Please consider Offline Mode of game. We all have waited for more than 5 years for this game…Please Consider this….

  • JKJ

    The reason why they are doing this is so that you log in with a valid copy of the game. Otherwise for every hour they have spend making the game, for every person having an ability to play with a pirate game they will only lose money. However there are also some advantages to this such as live updates to make your game experience improved.

    • michaelange727

      That reason is so unfounded,if that was the case then every developer/publisher would be doing it.EA are like Vampires they suck the life force out of everything i‘e Battlefield,Sim City ,Deadspace just to name a few.They suck,they have always sucked.

  • Smokey

    I live in a rural area an online connection suffers severely where I live so online availability always is not good due to online connection in my area and most people’s in rural areas being very poor & lagging and furthermore! I don’t always like to play with other people anyway!

    • michaelange727

      No thats not the reason Smokey, PJ says youre just trying to ruin it for others.Pj is an asshole. But yeah I agree with you.Peace.

  • Mike S

    I think the need to be always connected is a scam so they can kill the games when they want…And make all of us buy the newest game they want us to play. I will not spend 70 dollars so some asshat company can shut the game down at their will. If I love a game and want to play it for 10 more years in single player or with a friend over a direct connection from my system to theirs the game company should not have a say so on killing my game when I paid for it. They want total control over the games we play, to the point that some games we can’t even get install discs for anymore, like when we pre-order the new NFS it is a digital download… no disc. Because they don’t want us reinstalling them if we have to reload our system , and continue playing it after the servers are shut down.

    The new game A.I is very very good and single player mode is as fun if not more than the ramming cheating moron players we run into in multiplayer mode ONLINE.

    @ PJ “When EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game required you to be
    online all the time, this didn’t go well with gamers.” You mean this
    didn’t go down well with a vocal minority of gamers who, quite frankly,
    can **** off and stop trying to ruin games for the majority.

    It has been a month since he posted that BUT !

    PJ you are a Total MORON for that comment above. Since when does being vocal about a problem and wanting to play offline ruin it for the majority. You seem like the kind of gamer that needs his teeth knocked out and fingers broken so you can’t blab / type stupid comments like here, Or ruin others in game multiplayer fun when you are in game. I bet you are one of those RAMMER A..s..s..h..o..l..e . Cheats I mentioned above that cause all kinds of problems in racing games for the honest fun loving true racing sportsman. We had worthless clowns like you in the NFS World and do not need you or the other worthless moron rammer cheats in the new one..

    • Emmcee

      Online will cause people to jack the game to create an offline mode, is that what ea wants? I keep forgetting that ea knows what I want in a game, Iam disgusted I purposely went out and brought a ps4 for this game. I was deceived into purchasing a console not only that, I can’t get stable internet where I live from any provider. This stinks ea, show some love and give the CUSTOMERS what they want, just remember, people don’t buy games, you don’t have a job, simple as that, no wonder my brother quit the development team in disgust.

  • Draven

    I’m hoping EA is just trolling us

    • Emmcee

      Don’t count on it, they don’t give a shit, if a fraudulent sale is counted as a sale and not caring wether the person who brought can play it or not is just disgusting. It’s corporate fraud, it really is, why deceive people into thinking they can play when they want? Should be called “Need for Speed online” not deicieving people into thinking there purchasing a NFS product like old that can be played whenever. So ea has stooped so low that now even fraudulent sales are better than none. Who is reimbursing me for my ps4 now? Ahh no one hey? As it was my fault I got sucked into your scams, it’s no different than me or anyone else committing fraud, except I don’t have the money to keep people quiet. Ea you deceived me into buying a console thinking I could play NFS until my shock horror I only find out I can’t play it, because I didn’t notice there microscopic message on there massive poster stating internet connection. See that’s there disclaimer so if someone takes them to court over corporat fraud, that’s there scapegoat, let’s deceive with more deceivement. Bloody assholes you are ea and from someone who has purchased you titles since the days of NBA live 95 on sega, you’ve lost me and I work at eb games also I will be making sure MY customers are fully aware of your scam to lure in The unexpected. Make it happen ea, you only have to google “the crew”. Next time I make a complaint, don’t ignore it and use my email to send me a survey on ea service. Once again ea, only thinking of yourselves, how rude can you be, lucky iam going to fair trading over this, you might get the kick in the ass you need. Bloody clowns. I don’t expect a response as I would be scared to of a disgruntled customer like me who has been ea raped to many times.

      • michaelange727

        A fucking men, i bought it the other day and there was nothing about online requirement posted.EA can go suck ass.I have one thing that I ponder in my head.How after so many times of them frauding people is there no investigation on them.Why do they even get sales. I thought they would surely be out of business by now. That why when they had the interview in Game Informer with the new piss ant president claiming that’ thing were gonna be different’ I nearly busted a nut laughing .Their a fucking joke and always will be,no matter what ne wart appears on the ass of that company. Good luck with sticking it to them. Peace.

  • Jacgoat

    My router is stupid and won’t let games connect to the internet, so I won’t buy your game for obvious reason, please make it offline.

  • Jimmy Berg

    please change it. internet connection should not be a must when playing need gor speed

  • Bern

    Just live in Africa and you will be enlightened

  • Luis Alvarez

    I think is not a good idea not everyone has an internet connection or a good connection some people have issues with their internet or how about when your provider is down or the weather problems people want to enjoy playing some need for speed without no internent connection

  • Mike S

    Now that I re-read all this , I may have made a mistake pre ordering the new Need for Speed deluxe edition..watching videos on you tube have not showed any major change in the game but for online only all the time and always racing at night, which is a joke. they make a big deal about the super graphics but all i see is some nice lighting, fog effect around lighting and rain at night. No Standard shift No Steering wheel support, No custom controller setup, Map size is small compared to the old NFS World and most of all In all videos I have watched… hardly any players racing ( streets not packed with players racing or wanting to race. Oh and I heard it has a BAD shutter that almost locks up the PS4 and Xbox 1 systems, when that when it happens you lose control of your car till shutter stops or system is restarted from lock up. And the PC version is delayed till 2016 which is the version I ordered…To me not worth 69.99 plus tax

    Project Cars and GRID games are way better than new NFS 2015 and can be played off line.

  • Ed

    Got game on release day still haven’t played at all bought every NFS since started never buying another don’t use online never will thanks fallout 4 for not doing something stupid to you fans offline only

  • jim

    Long time need for speed fan not anymore 2 player need internet biggest game disappointment ever

  • Griffin

    Actually, for an game that always requires a Internet connection there sure as hell isnt much to do online. The game is limited to the short story, and the limited number of cars (which are all sports/super). NFS most wanted was probably one of the best NFS’ out. The multiplayer was great + seamless and there was a huge number of cars to collect which you had to find not buy which made the game feel longer, which is good.

    • Mike S

      Griffin did you notice there is hardly any players online when you enter the city ? In every video I have watched I see only 2 to 4 other players other than the person making the video. The old FREE to play Need for Speed World online should have NEVER been killed IMHO

      • michaelange727

        Yeah i play it and therws hardly ever anyone on,grahics ar meteocre,hardly any cars to buy.Its always raining,at night.Feels arcadish.Worst NFS .

  • marty armstrong

    I bought the game and its so lame. I can’t even get past the connecting to ea servers screen and says can’t be added to crew. Do I have to have XBOX live gold? Whatever the case it’s ridiculous I mean not only do you have to buy the game but you have to have Internet to play it as well there’s a ton of people out there that just don’t have the Internet but would love to play the new need for speed that kind of clothes a lot of doors right there

    • Mike S

      Hey Marty Origin has a return time limit of 24 hours after you install and log into game for a FULL Refund.. get your money back. I after watching many many you tube videos of game play, I canceled my pre order of the game last night for Deluxe version on PC. it’s a total waste of 70 bucks.

  • jb

    My internet is some what slow so if get nfs 2015 would I get lag

  • michaelange727

    And wow oh wow PJ (and the name matches the attitude ,sounds like you should be a regular on Jesey Shore)and youre just so above everyone else, you pompous asshole. Maybe the internet isnt available in some areas Or maybe someone cant afford it because theyre just getting by raising a family, and they want to be able to play and enjoy the game ,not to ruin it for others .Of course though youre too busy admiring yourself then to actually read one of the reasons why they signed the petition “One person likes to play it on his laptop where there is no Internet connection ” Oh yeah youre one of those PC elitists who thinks theyre better than everyone else, the world should revolve around me types . People like you burn me the fuck up . Instead of buying material things you should maybe be in the market for a heart asshole. You can kindly go FUCK YOURSELF,dickhead.

  • michaelange727

    Another game that EA is putting in the ground.R.I.P NFS

  • Someguy14201

    Not only online-only made gamers hate this game, but EVERYTHING INSIDE THE GAME. THE BUGS, THE AI, THE HANDLING, THE DELAYED CONTROLS, AND NOT ABLE TO CUSTOMIZE MOST OF THE CARS LIKE EA IF YOU ARE READING THIS, FUCK YOU. You don’t listen to fans AT ALL. Where are the cars that you showed in your car teasers? Most of them aren’t even in the fucking game. This game is fucking rushed af! I recommend to DO NOT BUY the game.

  • Kyle Hill

    It’s part of the piracy paranoia. They feel they will lose one of their five mansions if you pirate their game even though they are far from being homeless they act like you are a terrorist worst then the false flag shootings and the MSM circus train chugging around and around.

    EA wants to be a world police state in gaming.

    It’s all going to eventually lead to this. Plurality

    “It’s been 2 years since the something grid went online in New York City.” We have the technology today to do the things in that film and people as the quote in that sci-fi short *Will trade a little bit of privacy for security”. Yeah just a little bit. Then it will be a little bit more. Then a little bit more. Then yet a little bit more! Have you had enough of this *trading* deal yet?

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