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Need for Speed 2015 Petition Created To Remove Always Online Requirement

by Damian Seeto


When EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game required you to be online all the time, this didn’t go well with gamers. A petition has now been created to try and remove the requirement.

A few days after Need for Speed 2015 was announced, EA revealed that the game requires an internet connection. This means that it’s an “always online” video game. Even if you just want to play the single player mode, an active internet connection is still needed.

This prompted a petition to be created on Australia’s Jesse Young created the petition in hopes that EA will remove the online requirement in Need for Speed 2015.

Young wrote a pretty long (but meaningful) explanation as to why making Need for Speed 2015 an always online game is a bad thing. He referred back to how SimCity launched back in 2013. That game required an online connection at all times, but nobody was able to play the game when the servers were offline during its launch week.

Other people that signed the petition also have similar negative opinions on Need for Speed’s always online requirement. One person likes to play games on his laptop where there is no internet connection. Obviously, this won’t be a game he will be able to play.

Some others feel it makes no sense that the single player mode in Need for Speed 2015 needs the internet. They feel the game should be like most others where you only need the internet for online multiplayer.

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