Nemesis: Distress – One of Board Gaming’s Biggest Hits is Expanding to Video Games

Betray your friends and battle nefarious aliens

by Kyle Hanson

Awaken Realms is bringing their massively popular board game Nemesis to the digital realm with Nemesis: Distress. Developed by Ovid Works in collaboration with the board game creators, Distress will adapt the board game into a multiplayer first-person horror experience for PC (more platforms may be announced later). Set within the universe of the board game, which many compare favorably to the Alien franchise, the game seems poised to transfer the tense and exciting gameplay into the digital space.

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“Nemesis: Distress is multi-player focused game with a hidden traitor aspect, as well as shooter and survival elements. Players will play through 40-minute scenarios, trying to fulfill their secret objective and survive,” reads the description on the Steam wishlist page.

“Players will choose one of the asymmetric character classes, all with special actions that come in hand in specific situations. They will also select the secret objective they have to fulfill in order to win the game – those are randomly drawn out of the pool containing exciting challenges such as destroying the Nest, directing the ship safely to Mars, or even ensuring other players die. Sometimes there will be no traitor, but you never know who to trust!”

The original board game is currently available as a reward option for the currently live Kickstarter for the game’s standalone expansion. Backers at certain levels will get Nemesis: Distress at no additional cost, though you can also buy it by itself through the Kickstarter for a reduced price of $14.99. More details, including release date window and potential added platforms should come soon.